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  • Life coach/declutter coaching
  • Moving services (including home staging)
  • Virtual services (e.g. Skype/online courses)

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Linda Cavallini

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General Information

I have launched TidyMe as I absolutely love being organised and have everything in place. After years of packing up, moving between countries and my frequent travelling meant it was essential that my life was organised and clutter free.TidyMe is everything tidy and organised. Both inspiring and with intention of bringing you a sense of calm and peacefulness.

When the space around you is in order and free from clutter you will be able to concentrate better on your priorities.

Let me help you achieve this with a few simple rules, whether reorganising the clothes in your wardrobe, packing your suitcase for a trip or bringing calm and order back to your home.

My aim is to make life easier for you at home. I will help you form a plan suited to you and show you how decluttering and organising can make a real  positive impact in your daily life.

Specialist expertise/experience

My passion for decluttering started as a hobby.

I’ve always been extremely organised and always loved to help others get organised and stay on top of the space around them.

After years of packing up, moving between countries and my frequent travelling meant it was essential that my life was organised and clutter free.

My absolute favourite is wardrobe reorganisation and children’s bedrooms, but I equally enjoy other areas of the house, no job is too big or too small!

17 years as cabin crew has also meant I can now pack with my eyes closed!  No matter if you are heading to the warmest place or the coldest winter, I specialise in both leisure and business packing, all your packing needs will be covered so you actually will be looking forward to your holidays and not dreading ‘the packing’ part of it!

I am a friendly and extremely approachable person who can offer a non-judgemental   and sympathetic approach and work with you to make sure your goals are met.

-I have  trained to offer online organising services having attended specific training on Virtual Organising.

– I am also trained to be  an ADHD friendly organiser, having attended the ‘ADHD for Organisers’ training.

I would be happy to assist turning your home from chaos to calm once again and helping you put systems in place which are easy to maintain  and that will help you manage your daily life.

It is never too late to start decluttering and organising and remember you are not alone, help is always at hand


'What can I say about Linda..to say she has changed my life would be an understatement! I have a new appreciation for my belongings and feel less cluttered both physically and in the mind." S.J


'"It has made me feel so much better and no longer overwhelmed by the clutter-it's surprising what a clear space can do for your mind! Thank you Linda." J.M


"I couldn't recommend this service highly enough.She was a breath of fresh air. She genuinely enjoys what she does and won't stop until the job is truly complete." N.P

Registered in England & Wales VAT Number 277 8442 57