APDO is the professional body for organising professionals in the UK and can help you find the right person to work with you. Our members are based all over the UK and other countries. Use our Find an Organiser search to find members near you. Check out their business profiles and the services they offer to choose the organiser who will best suit your needs.

Professional services

APDO members are required to register with HMRC and hold full insurance. Book an APDO member and you can expect a professional, courteous and confidential service that complies with our Code of Ethics.

Individual member profiles

Click on a member’s individual profile to find out more about them, their background, expertise and contact details. Finding the right organiser is a personal choice and most of our members will offer a discovery call for you to find out more.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of individual organisers explain what they can and can't do to help you. For example, moving items, cleaning, and disposal of your unwanted belongings. It's also worth clarifying payment terms and cancellation policy. Feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns.


There is no standard rate for professional organising so fees will vary according to several factors, including experience, specific expertise and location. Some organisers charge on an hourly basis; others offer session rates or project fees. Do check if fees include travel time/expenses or follow-up advice.