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APDO has been running an annual conference since 2011, always having a theme that has been relevant at the current time. From “Organised for Life” to “The Future Is Organised” to “Inspiring a Sustainable Future”, our conferences have covered and will continue to cover a huge array of topics. Time management, neurodiversity training, digital do’s and don’ts, hoarding advice, diversifying your business, how to sustain yourself and your business… the list goes on.

The experience is designed to motivate you, enable you, and give you the knowledge, tools, and connections you need to take your business to the next level.

Our conference is a key date in the diary for many in the Professional Organising industry. It is a chance to meet, network and gather information to improve business skills, interpersonal skills and services – a great draw for our members, want-to-be organisers and professionals linked to the professional organising industry.

Where do our delegates and speakers come from? All Over The World. Yes, really! Our conference might be hosted in the UK but it is an international conference with delegates and speakers coming from across the UK, USA and Canada, Europe and Asia.

Wherever you are in your Professional Organising journey or want to connect with our world, we welcome you to come and join us at our next conference – details can be found here.




Do you want to be speaking at our conference? We are always on the lookout for speakers to cover a variety of subjects and themes so please let us know what you know! If you would like to apply to speak at a future conference, please click here for more information and to fill out the application form.