Our members offer many specialisms. Read more about these below.




APDO organisers who specialise in ADHD will have qualifications and/or training, as well as experience supporting neurodivergent clients. They work without judgement and understand that the complexities and challenges for anyone with ADHD, will be unique to the individual and therefore tailor support to their clients. Please look at members individual profiles to find an organiser who specialises in this area.


APDO organisers who specialise in ASD will have qualifications and /or training, as well as experience supporting neurodivergent clients. They work without judgement and understand that the complexities and challenges for anyone with ASD, will be unique to the individual and therefore tailor support to their clients. Please look at members individual profiles to find an organiser whospecialises in this area.







Business/Work Productivity

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If you are looking for help and support with business productivity and organisation, you can select this option to highlight members who specialise in this area. Business/work productivity creates more efficient work spaces and/or working practices alongside systems to ensure you are making the best use of time, space and resources. Organisers will dig deep to understand your needs and create and implement plans to ensure your goals are met and systems are sustainable.


Digital/Computer Organisation

A number of APDO members specialise in digital/computer organisation offering, among other services, decluttering and streamlining electronic filing, putting systems in place to manage emails and online activity, organising computer systems and back-up routines.  If you need support to understand how your tech can work best for you, our APDO specialists are here to clean up and organise your digital world and give you confidence to find what you need, when you need it!



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Family/Personal Productivity

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If you are in need of practical help to organise the day to day running of your home, APDO members who specialise in Family/Personal Productivity are here to help.  Whether it’s support with time management, meal planning, laundry scheduling, or tips to organise children and help family life run more smoothly, these organisers are here to help. The knowledge that you have systems in place to achieve what needs to be done, will grant you the freedom of time, and clarity of mind, to concentrate on the things that matter to you.

Hoarding Behaviours

In 2018 the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified hoarding as a mental health condition. Hoarding disorder is the excessive accumulation of possessions, difficulty letting anything go regardless of the value. It often results in the home having rooms that cannot be used for their intended purpose.

Do you, a friend or family member display hoarding tendencies? Do you need advice and practical help? Many of our members have undertaken specialist training in this area and can offer practical and emotional support to improve wellbeing and safety within your home. We are non-judgemental and compassionate, offering strategies to help change beliefs and behaviours. We will never make you part with anything unless it is your decision.

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Home Staging

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APDO home staging specialists can help you to make the most of your home before it goes to market, or, if your property listing isn’t getting interest. They can create the changes needed to attract a whole new audience through your door. A clutter free and well designed space can attract potential buyers and encourage a quick sale at the right price. Home staging specialists can help you declutter, refresh, or reinvent you home, by using their professional space planning skills and designer's eye to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Interior Designer

A number of APDO members have qualifications and/or experience in interior design, offering, among other services, space optimisation, functionality, and innovative storage solutions.  They can help you to create an identity for your home that is clutter free, well organised and decorated with style. From full scale home makeovers to a rethink and/or revamp of your space APDO Interior design specialists can transform your home to create the space you’ve always wanted.





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KonMari Consultant

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Some of our members have undertaken extensive training to become KonMari Consultants. If you are looking to work through the method or just want someone to help you find what Sparks Joy in your life then these members can help you on your journey.

Life Coaching

A number of APDO members have qualifications in coaching and can help you to create new focus, in a way that works for you. APDO specialists can support you to clarify your life goals, help you create a plan to take action and move forward with your ideas whilst having focus and being productive. They hold a space, allowing you to think deeply about your thoughts, habits and reactions to enable you to create the changes you want to make to your space and life.




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Moving Services

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Many APDO members offer moving services to support you during this big life transition. A clutter free home is a great starting point to attract potential buyers (see home staging specialism for home staging support) and the process will ensure you only take what you need to your new home. Moving specialists can offer support with the moving process as well as offer a packing and unpacking service to ensure your pre and post move days are as stress free as possible, allowing you to get back on with day to day life swiftly and easily in your new home.

Photo Organising

A number of APDO members are also certified photo managers specialising in the organisation of physical as well as digital photographs. They will help you organise your photographs so that a lifetime of memories can be preserved, shared and enjoyed for generations to come. Photographs can hold great sentimental value, so APDO photo organisers work very carefully to ensure your treasured memories are well looked after and returned to you safely, as well-organised hard copies and/or digitalised in a format to suit you.





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Selling Items



After helping with decluttering and organising, some APDO members are also able to help their clients by selling unwanted items online or in person. Whilst most members will be willing to help you list your items yourself or offer advice on where to sell items, those with this specialism will be able to sell your items for you, usually for a pre-agreed fee or comission. Selling may be via online outlets such as eBay or Vinted, or may be through local buyers or auctioin houses.Take a look at individual organisers profiles to see how they are able to assist you in this area.