Below is a list of APDO business members. These business affiliates provide a range of services which are complimentary to our Professional Organising industry.

A Tidy Mind

A Tidy Mind

Website: A Tidy Mind

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07961770452

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Kate Ibbotson

Welcome to my profile. I'm Kate, the founder of A Tidy Mind. If you would like to work with one of our close knit team of trained and experienced professional organisers in your home or work space, they are listed on APDO as below: Craig - A Tidy Mind London Rachel - A Tidy Mind South England Maria - A Tidy Mind Cambridgeshire Victoria - A Tidy Mind West Midlands Eileen - A Tidy Mind Cheshire Caroline - A Tidy Mind West & South Yorkshire Rachel - A Tidy Mind North & West Yorkshire Adele - A Tidy Mind Teesside & North East.

I no longer work with clients in their homes and workspaces but continue to focus on the training and development of our organisers to enhance our work with clients. If you would like to work with me, I continue to offer the below services:

  • Remote Decluttering & Organising Coaching
  • ADHD Coaching
  • Productivity & Time Management Coaching
  • Training & Mentoring of Professional Organisers
  • Workshops & Talks ( for groups either in person or virtually)
  • Collaborations with partners
  • Press, Media & PR

I also offer Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy services -      

  • I founded A Tidy Mind in 2015
  • We are a close knit team of organisers who work with clients in their homes all over the UK
  • I now train and mentor professional organisers on a one to one basis and continually develop and improve the service A Tidy Mind offer to our clients
  • I'm a trained ADHD Coach and Productivity Coach and work with clients remotely. If you would like to explore how we can work together, do get in touch
  • I am part of the APDO training team and co-deliver courses for professional organisers
  • I also practice as a Psychotherapist in the modality of Transactional Analysis (


P.O. solutions

PO Solutions.png

Website: P.O. solutions

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07471352430

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Photo of Adele Pines, owner of PO Solutions

Online business support services exclusively for Professional Organisers. Outsource your social media, online marketing, client project and admin tasks so that you can focus on your business.

After running my own professional organising business for 5 years, I quit - quite plainly - from burnout.​ I experienced first hand all the minutiae of running a PO business. From keeping up with social media to email marketing and blogging, client consultations, quotations, project prep, product ordering, sessions, product returns, invoicing, editing pics, posting, storying...phew!​

Suffice it to say, it all became too much for me and the enjoyment I once had from my business fizzled out.​

I know at many points I wanted to hand over certain tasks to someone else - tasks that I knew weren't the best use of my time. And yet, the thought of training someone into my processes, explaining the different products and suppliers, getting them used to my systems - and then worrying about supplying them with consistent work - all seemed too much to take on.​

So when, 3 weeks after I quit my business I realised that hey, I'm really bored (!) - was born. Using my knowledge and expertise of the industry, I'm ready to support other POs in their business journey.​

If you find that you're spending too much time outside of your zone of genius, give me a call and let's have a chat. I'd love to help you!



  • Social media support
  • Email marketing
  • Blog support
  • Client project support
  • Sales funnel automations
  • Administrative support

OBM (Online Business Management) services coming September 2024


ATG Cleaning Services Ltd

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Website: ATG Cleaning Services

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07711794975

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My name is Kirsty, I am Director of a local Small Business which specialises in environmental, extreme and biohazard cleaning, ATG Cleaning Services Ltd. We are an established specialist cleaning company in the southeast of England. As well as our specialist environmental, extreme and biohazard cleanup services we also offer our unique trauma scene cleaning service. We have decontaminated homes along with cleaning all body fluids from properties. Our company is an active member of the Ultima Cleaning Academy and have the knowledge and training to carry out all types of trauma and environmental cleaning. Our Services include but not restricted to;

  1. Biohazard Cleaning
  2. Environmental Cleaning
  3. Hoarder cleans and clearances, all types, (wet, dry, data and animal) not matter how severe
  4. All Body fluid clean ups
  5. Extreme cleaning and clearances
  6. Addiction clean-ups
  7. Mental Health Cleaning
  8. Mould Removal and Sealinh
  9. Trauma Cleaning
  10. Natural Death cleaning
  11. Toxic Odour Elimination
  12. Fire/Soot Damage clean up
  13. Textile pest control, moths, carpet beetles and fleas
  14. Deep Cleaning

We have a fast response time. As a member of the Ultima Cleaning Academy, we have fully trained and qualified members of our team who can cope with all clean up situations, we are also able to call on the resources of the Academy if required.

We have a sympathetic and companionate view on handling trauma and mental health issues and the living conditions which can result, such as drug use and addiction issues, hoarding and self-harming to name just a few. We offer a complete restoration service if required. So once the cleaning has been completed all rooms etc can be left in a ready to reoccupy state therefore reducing the tenants distress.


Training and Qualifications
  • Ultima Training Academy
  • Clean as a Whistle training solutions
  • Donna Hall Hoarding training
  • Restoremate textile pest control 
  • Killgerm pest 




Hobbs Cleaning Services

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  Website: Hobbs Cleaning Services

  Email: [email protected]

  Phone: 07788775231 or 01764 484014

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