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Lynsey Grundy

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Hoarding and Hoarding Disorder
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General Information

Hi, my name is Lynsey Grundy and I’m a Community Support Co-Ordinator for Southway Housing Trust in South Manchester. My role is to provide support for people in crisis and at risk of losing their tenancy. I carry out an assessment which basically covers all aspects of their lives and look at ways I can help and support them to make positive changes that will enable them to continue living in their home and change their circumstances.

Through this work I encountered a few people that were living in conditions that were putting their lives, the lives of their neighbours and their tenancy at risk in the form of Hoarding. Hoarding has become prevalent with the airing of TV shows in the UK. I started to look at ways I could help and how people reacted to this help. I have attended training courses and seminars all over the UK to increase my knowledge of the condition and how I can help people improve their living conditions and lives. Steaming in with a skip and quoting tenancy agreement rules is not the answer, carrying out a detailed assessment of their situation and listening to their feelings and perception of their situation is a great insight into what is really going on for them. I use a Hoarding Assessment Tool which looks at weather the rooms in the property can be used as intended i.e. the kitchen as a kitchen, if they have all their basic needs and if they work (fridge, cooker etc.) and if in an emergency could they exit the property or get themselves to a safe room until emergency services arrive. I also use a National Clutter Scale, this determines the level (1-9, 9 being the worst) of clutter and whether they are low medium or high risk. Through my work with hoarders, I teamed up with our local fire station in Manchester and we drew up a Partnership Agreement that allows me to access safety advice and safety packs, I also work in partnership with local council, NHS, Mental Health and other Statutory Agencies.  Hoarding presents a real risk to the person(s) living in the property not only the fire risk but health risk too; this is escalated when you include adjoining properties and the emergency crews that may have to attend an incident. The health risk can include rodent and insect infestations.
Through the support of Southway Housing Trust we have been able to create this scheme Tidy Homes Tidy Minds and have successfully helped out tenants who have hoarding issues to de-clutter and get support for their issues and advice for debt, welfare benefit issues and integrate more into their community. I have now made the scheme available to people outside of Southway who live within the North West. There is no quick fix to this condition and can prove frustrating and emotional for the person concerned but by providing a package of support to deal with the issues in their lives and continuing support thereafter it really can become a life changing event for them and their families.

Cost for the service:

Assessment is FREE

sessions £35 per hour maximum of 3 hr sessions


Specialist expertise/experience

Tidy Homes Tidy Minds is a specialist hoarding service.  We provide one to one practical  support using a Trauma Informed approach to help people with hoarding behaviours.  We are the lead service for Manchester and surrounding councils.  Tidy Homes Tidy Minds  is part of Southway Housing Trust.


Fantastic day at the North west Royal College of Occupational study day learning about housing and hoarding. Would definitely recommend this service and the training. Thank you


Great day training with Lynsey last week. Full of knowledge and helpful advice on how we can support residents and tackle hoarding.

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