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Esme Fisher

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General Information

Professional in-home organiser & certified KonMari™ Consultant, based in West London.

A tidy home is a tidy mind – A cluttered and messy environment can feel overwhelming and have a negative impact on how we feel on a day to day basis. Living with clutter can feel mentally and physically draining and take our focus away from the important things in life.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of items you have in your home and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you always looking for items but can’t find them?
  • Do you often buy new things without realising you already have them?
  • Do you have cupboards full of clothes but can never find anything to wear?

Hi I’m Esme and I can help. I have always had a passion for organising and tidying and have been fascinated by the effect that this has on our mental and physical well-being. I trained with Marie Kondo in Los Angeles to be one of her UK-based KonMari™ Consultants

Working together with you, I will guide you through the world famous KonMari™ method of tidying to transform your home and help you lead a happier, more organised life. Many people describe decluttering as feeling like a ‘great weight has been lifted’.

Whether you are moving home, preparing for the birth of a child, downsizing, upsizing or just want your home to feel like the tidy sanctuary that it should, find out how I can help you live your ideal life and surround yourself with only things that you love.

Specialist expertise/experience

I am a certified Green KonMari™ Consultant and listed on the KonMari™ website. I trained with Marie Kondo in Los Angeles in 2019.

I offer in-home sessions as well as on-line virtual sessions.


"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Esme on the KonMari™ method and the outcome has genuinely been life changing".


"Esme is so great at explaining not only the how but the why as well, giving me a great sense of accomplishment in the end".


"Esme has a very professional and practical approach and puts you completely at ease, whilst working at the pace that suits you and ensuring greatest productivity".

Registered in England & Wales VAT Number 277 8442 57