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  • Business organising/productivity
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  • Life coach/declutter coaching
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Tilo Flache

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Brighton & Hove
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General Information

I offer decluttering services to individuals and businesses since 2015.

I understand decluttering homes as a holistic process involving a gentle push and subtle presence to first help disentangle my customers from the attachment their things exert on them, and then working together towards removal of any clutter that can be allowed to go, while ensuring that any lingering issues that have led to the accumulation of stuff are taken care of.

When it comes to working spaces, clutter requires a more practical and goal-oriented approach. Dealing with backlogs of filing, reorganising systems and workflows, making sure that changes are received well and implemented takes a different toolbox altogether.

Specialist expertise/experience

I have worked with over a hundred clients of a wide range of age and gender. Projects range from single-session organising to full-on long-term extended projects, but I especially like single clients with their specific problems and needs. Please refer to my website for more details.

Declutter/Life coaching: Decluttering deals not only with the stuff we keep, but first and foremost with the reasons why it is there. In this function, I provide a mix of advice and emotional support to let go of blockages before we can make any real headway with the physical clutter. I engage in regular activities to keep my knowledge in the field up to date (workshops, conferences, publications, etc.)

Virtual services: I have used virtual contact before the pandemic, especially for my 60 min initial consultation, and the follow-up calls after the live decluttering sessions. Nowadays, much of my work is conducted online, although I also visit clients at their residence. I have found that virtual organising can work better for some clients than physical presence at their premises!

Business organising: Having worked as a PA, self-managed IT trainer and project manager within an international legal environment for nearly 20 years, I have acquired ample knowledge of how to keep workflows going and avoid the pitfalls that come with a growing SME. I have coached a series of such business owners over the years, and occasionally taken on administrative task (invoicing, timekeeping, mailings, etc.) as an external service, too.

Digital organising: Electronic filing systems, backup organisation, and sifting through large collection of different files are second nature to me. With my background as an IT trainer, I know how to set up easy to understand systems for any type of computer user. I continue to run software classes for both businesses and groups of individuals.

Public speaking: Over the past couple of years, I have delivered talks and workshops to diverse groups, most notably within the framework of the Women’s Institute and Denman College, but also various other local groups.

Points of interest:

  • I hold a BA in office management and translation.
  • I am fluent in English, German, Dutch and French and provide services in all these languages, both in the UK and abroad.
  • I also am the author of two books on decluttering-related subjects.

Tilo was just so wonderful, fun to be with, but clear on advice without making my decisions for me. He will empower you to change from clutter to tidy! [Vanessa C., Brighton & Hove]


Working with you has really made a huge difference to being able to see a structure to our new home. It is a job that really only a non member of a family can do... [Cherry T., Brighton & Hove]


I really think I couldn't have done it without you - certainly not with efficiency. You took charge and allowed me to make decisions without allowing me to dwell on them. [Mary L., London]

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