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  • Digital/computer organisation
  • Virtual services (e.g. Skype/online courses)
  • Public speaking/training

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Anne Welsh

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Anywhere via Zoom or phone (virtual organising)
Anywhere within the public transport network up to 1.5 hours from Romford




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General Information

Do you need help organising your home or workspace? Have you amassed books, papers and other items that you’re no longer using but with which you fear to part? Are you worried in case treasured items will not be recognised as such by your heirs and may be lost to posterity? Now could well be the time to call in expert help. Whether you’re looking to organise the space you live in or plan your legacy, Tidy Beginnings can help you put your home, studio or office in order, and support you in organising your time. Private librarian services include:
  • Building, organising, cataloguing and / or weeding your collection of books, photographs and / or other ephemera. (I have also set up home catalogues for some clients and taught them how to enter their own descriptions for their libraries).
  • Listing items for your insurance policy / will
  • Getting to grips with your book-buying budget and spending habits
Or, if you need online support, I’m happy to help. Recent virtual organising projects have included:
  • Getting ready for back to the office (wardrobe, makeup, household management planning)
  • Planning writing projects – books, novels, dissertations
  • Research – for an historical novel, non-fiction books, articles
The best way to get in touch for the first time is to email me on or to book a Tea and Tsundoku session. The Tidy Beginnings website provides information on the services available. Alternatively, you can email or phone using the contact details above.

Specialist expertise/experience

I hold a Masters degree in Information and Library Studies and wrote the core textbook used to teach librarians how to catalogue. When I’m not organising people’s books and papers and helping them declutter, I’m working on the new edition (following a major change in the international cataloguing rules).

During my Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, I focused on blended learning, using online delivery to supplement and consolidate work in class. As well as running in-person training for heritage professionals, I run monthly seminars and online courses, so I may be one of the newest virtual organisers on the block, but I’ve been using technology to teach and support learners for over a decade.


Like a special kind of therapy - V., Manchester.


Anne helped me re-evaluate why I placed books on my shelves, and, more importantly, why I kept them there. I HIGHLY recommend this service. Catharsis - Emily, Basingstoke.


Increased clarity around what I read, what I keep, and why - A., London.

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