Louise Simpson Coaching

Specialisms Covered

  • Life coach/declutter coaching
  • Moving services (including home staging)
  • Virtual services (e.g. Skype/online courses)
  • Public speaking/training

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Louise Simpson

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Chelmsford and surrounding areas incl.
Colchester, Braintree, Brentwood, Billericay
Virtual video or phone services, wherever you are.
Guernsey (by arrangement)






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General Information

Update July 2021

In home sessions have now resumed and I will be following Government guidance regarding the necessary precautions.  Full details are available and they include wearing a mask/gloves, as necessary.

In addition to these or where you may still be  anxious over in home sessions, I also provide virtual sessions.  These are done by video call or phone.  They are a great alternative to help work through the challenges arising with us all being in our homes more, personalised to your needs and completely confidential.


How will professional organiser support help?

I will help you restore balance in your home, reduce overwhelm and make your property work for you.  Imagine feeling happy to open the door, being able to find the things you need and a feeling of calm and space within your home.

Services offered include:

– Life coaching to define and achieve goals.
– Coaching can also help find a way through life’s challenges such as bereavement, divorce, health issues.
– Home organisation including decluttering; room and paperwork organisation. Helping you to reclaim your space to make life easier to live and enjoy.
– Moving home and/or setting up your new home. Helping you identify the items you wish to take to the new property to minimise moving costs and unnecessary items being moved. In addition, I can help you get your new home set up in the best way for you.

So why should you choose me?

How many things have you got on your ‘to-do list’? I’ll bet you are too tired and overwhelmed, to tackle your list right now? So WHEN will you find the time? The fact is that you don’t know where to start. You can’t tackle the amount of physical clutter in your life or seem to get organised…whatever is holding you back, I can help bring life back into balance.

I will help you face challenging situations and push through emotional barriers by providing you with an objective viewpoint and supportive space to help you stay clear on your overall goals.

I can provide you with the tools and support but you will need to be ready and willing to make the change in your life. Think of me as a Personal Trainer for your home/life.  A personal trainer can help you get fit but you have to want to put in the work in the first place. They can’t do the exercise for you but can identify the best exercises for you and show you how to do them but ultimately, you have to want to make the change.

I look forward to helping you bring balance to your heart and home.


Specialist expertise/experience

I am pleased to advise that ‘Virtual (via phone/video call)’ sessions are now available in addition to in home sessions.   A great way to work through the challenges arising with us all being in our homes more, personalised to your needs and completely confidential.

Certified Life Coach and experience acting as a mentor/coach within my former career in Financial Services Industry.

Whilst I do not offer Financial Services advice, I have a thorough understanding of this area and can help clients identify potential sources of help/information.

I have presented on a range of Podcasts, BBC Radio 4; BBC Radio Essex and local radio.


An immaculate professional, skilled communicator and full of drive and energy. Whether you want to define your ultimate goals, make a change or simply a deeper understanding of you, I recommend.


You are a total wonder woman! You have kick started me living in a more ordered way and I am enjoying our house again. I feel less overwhelm/stressed, more energy and it feels so good! Thank you.


Great service, helped reorganise playroom & gave ideas for house. Lovely lady who arrived completely ready for my organising challenge! Happy children & able to play with more space/better access.

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