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5 Simple Steps to Getting Organised With Your Diary

Never Miss Another Appointment!

Sue Pheasey and Jane Fern share some fundamental advice on how to make your diary work for you.

Here are five simple steps for successfully using your diary so you never miss an appointment and are always ready for the following day.

Step 1  

Purchase a paper diary of a size that will fit into your handbag. Mine is the perfect size for me, and when closed measures 15cm x 11cm.  Choose one that is not too heavy and has space enough to write appointments in but not too large so that it makes the diary bulky.  A week’s view over two pages works great because you can see at a glance what you have on that week.

Step 2  

Get your diary up to date by putting all your appointments in.  Include things like kids swimming lessons, dental appointments etc. Schedule everything in, for example, if you need to make a trip to the bank, or return an item of clothing. Use your diary as an aid to your memory but don’t over-schedule. So don’t include things that you know you will remember to do such as take the kids to school or go to work or check emails because then it becomes a burden and you don’t want to turn your diary into a to do list.

Step 3 

Some diaries have a ribbon to mark the current page, but if yours doesn’t then get a large paper clip and slide it over all the pages that have already past so that your diary easily opens at this week’s page. Each time you move onto the following week, tuck that page under the paper clip or move the ribbon forward.

Step 4

Check your diary every evening so that you can organise for the following day.  Aim to always get your stuff ready the night before.  For example, if you are taking the kids swimming, then get their swimming kit ready rather than leaving it until the morning.  Or if you have an appointment, think about what clothes you are going to wear and take five minutes getting them ready.  If you have a hospital appointment make sure you have the letter and any directions you need.  Maybe look up on the map where you are going.

Step 5 

Check your diary every morning.  This is just as a reminder because your diary is an aid to your memory.

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