12 Sep 2018

What Does A Professional Organiser Do?

Professional organisers are trained, skilled specialists who have received certification in the field and help people who are too busy, too confused, too tired or too stressed to deal with organising their own cluttered living spaces or work environment. They usually work as independent contractors, creating spaces and organisational systems for their clients by utilising their experience and knowledge in the field, combined with tested principles.

Steering away from the general concept that certified organisers only assist individuals in decluttering their homes, here are other services a professional organiser can offer:


For some people who find a hard time in dealing with to everything that comes their way, professional organisers can offer their expertise and help provide unique, efficient solutions and ideas to get things done.

Home Office

If you have a home office or a home business and you are seeking assistance to help increase your productivity and reduce your stress, professional organisers can help you create processes that will save time and ensure your success in your day-to-day tasks.

Donating or Disposal

One of the most important services a professional organiser can offer is to help you let go of excess stuff you do not need anymore. However, not all of those need to be thrown out and disposed of as organisers can provide suggestions which items are still useful and can be donated instead.

Consulting or Coaching

Since most organising challenges are similar in nature, professional organisers work with clients by developing custom organising systems and organisational skills by helping them set goals, outline detailed steps, share resources and provide accountability and management to a project.


Change is inevitable and as the days go by, people will go through some transitions in their lives which means that a certain system will not always work. To ensure that a client does not fall to the wayside, a professional organiser can offer maintenance appointments and discuss new organising systems or simple adjustments to ensure that their clients can continue to cope and do not go too far off track,.

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