13 Aug 2017

Reasons To Hire An Organiser

Shelina Jokhiya, an international APDO member, is the founder of Decluttr Me, and is dedicated to helping the people of the United Arab Emirates region create a relaxed, productive and sacred home environment. Shelina sums up the ultimate aim of the process as follows: to enable clients to do what they love and spend more time with their family and friends.

In this guest blog, Shelina shares just some of the reasons you may need a professional organiser in your life:

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I'm often asked why someone should hire a professional organizer. It’s not a one sentence answer as organizers do a multitude of organizing tasks (no we don’t organize events).  There are so many reasons to hire a professional organizer, but I wanted to focus on the most common reasons I get hired by my clients for my organizing and decluttering services:


• Wardrobe/Closet Decluttering and Organizing – The amount of clothes, accessories, bags and shoes people collect over the years can go into the hundreds. Many of my clients have not decluttered since they got married or moved countries, which results in them keeping items from the late 20th century which are never going to be considered vintage or retro. A professional organizer can help to declutter and organize your wardrobe or closet if you are finding it difficult to find your items, get dressed in the morning or even do your laundry.

house has been sold

• Selling your Home – do you know that you can sell your home for more money and far more quickly, if you showcase a clutter free home? So if you are having difficulties selling your home, getting in a professional organizer can help you declutter, organize and home stage your place.

• DeClutter Stuff before the Move – Many people take the unwanted stuff from one home to another every year, and sometimes in the same moving boxes as they have not found the will to unpack them from the previous move(s). By decluttering the old, unwanted or broken stuff, you can live in your new home with less clutter (and it might even reduce your moving costs).

• Moving In and Unpacking – Moving is a stressful event for anyone and dealing with many of the removal companies  can add to the stress. I help clients to deal with the removal companies moving the stuff into the new home, unpack their items and store the items in a logical place to enable you to start enjoying your new home as soon as possible.

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• Home Reorganization – yes the whole house can be reorganized. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you didn’t accumulate your clutter in a day, so it will take a few sessions to clear the clutter and organize your stuff, but it can be done. We work together to determine what area is causing you the most pain and then move around the home until it is all organized. I also bring storage boxes and products to help create organized systems quickly and easily for you.

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• Expecting a New Baby – The amount of things that you need when you have a baby is astounding. A professional organizer can help reorganize the bedroom that will become the nursery, set up the nappy changing station, organize the bottles and other items in the kitchen, organize the clothes and toys and any other task that is needed to relieve the stress of creating a organized space for you and your little one. Plus if you need help to get the baby out, using DeCluttr Me can result in you going into labour a few hours after finishing the final session (true story)

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• Organizing items of a Deceased Family Member or Friend – If you have been left with a home or area to sort though by a loved one, a professional organizer can help you to go through the items in a calm, rational manner. As we are not related to you, we can advise with impartiality on what items to keep as memory of your loved one and what can be donated, sold or thrown away.

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• Garage – Are you able to fit your car(s) into your garage currently? If it seems to be a breeding ground for sand, dust, bugs and useless items of stuff, we can help you clear it and organize the area properly. The end result can be an organized space to park your car safely, store your outdoor sporting equipment, tools, gardening equipment and Christmas decorations.

• Kitchen – this is my favourite area in the home. I get incredibly excited if I see a disorganized and cluttered kitchen (yep my clients often think i’m weird). From storing spices properly, putting the bakur items in one box, decluttering old food and kids flasks and boxes (you don’t need 50 of them for each child) and organizing the saucepans for camping trips, I have seen it all and love it. Within a few short hours, a kitchen can go from bedlam to a sanctuary of cooking zen.

These are just a few reasons you should hire a professional organizer. We can also help with time management, photo organizing, paper management (especially if you need to keep papers safe for tax purposes), assisting with downsizing, helping children to declutter and organize their toys, office organizing and decluttering.

If you have read these reasons and need help in any of these areas, contact us at any time to book your first session.
Professional organisers operate throughout the UK. Find an accredited one in your locality here.