07 Nov 2023

NOW is the time for a seasonal wardrobe changeover

3 minute read 

It’s National Organising Week and at APDO we can’t stop thinking about ways to make your place, your happy space.  

In today’s blog, APDO member Amanda Manson looks at ways to help if you're feeling overwhelmed with clothing and struggling to find what to wear.  

It's that transitional time of year - not quite Winter yet, but far from Summer, and time to make some changes to our everyday clothing and bring out items more appropriate for the season. 

Is this something you do already or are you considering it now the nights are drawing in? 

If you’re struggling with clothing overwhelm, it might be due to clutter and having too much to choose from. Simplifying your wardrobe and doing a seasonal changeover can save you time, reduce stress and make savings in your wallet from not buying duplicates of what you already own.  

Rotating warmer and cooler clothing in and out is the perfect solution and here are some tips on how to make it happen. 

  1. NOW 2023-Blog-Wardrobe changeover-lady choosing clothes.jpg
    © Image by Liza Summer on Pexels
    Take everything out and give your wardrobe a quick clean. Wipe the hanging rail, vacuum out any shelves and drawers, and generally freshen them up. 
  2. Look through the piles of clothes and set aside items you won't be wearing this coming season. Make a separate pile of clothes you no longer want. Depending on their condition, these could be sold, donated or recycled. For example, shorts, vest tops, swimwear, floaty skirts, sleeveless/short sleeved shirts and so on. 
  3. Fold and pack away any out-of-season clothing you still want, organising items by type or by person for easy access next year. 
  4. Store your out-of-season clothes in suitable containers. I love these zip-up bags from IKEA which fit nicely under some beds, inside an ottoman bed or on top of a wardrobe, and which can be stacked, labelled and moved easily. Avoid using large, checked laundry bags – they are too tempting to stuff full, making them heavy to lift! Plastic, lidded crates or spare suitcases also do the job well. 
  5. NOW 2023-Blog-Wardrobe changeover-shirt hangers.jpg
    © Image by Amanda Manson
    Before putting the remaining clothes back in the wardrobe, evaluate each item. Does it fit? Does it need repairing or adjusting? Have I got three or four of the same things? Follow the mantra of ‘Do I Need it, Use it, Love it?’ – if not, consider letting it go. Thin out multiples, putting to one side anything for repair or alteration, and add to your sell/donate/recycle pile anything that with a second look you no longer want to keep. Pop a note in your diary so you remember to do the action: altering (or taking for repair) the items you want to keep, and actually selling, donating or recycling those you don’t want! 
  6. Now try the hanger trick to see what you really wear. Hang everything ‘backwards’ in the wardrobe – turning the hanger head away from your usual way. When you’ve worn and washed an item, return it to the wardrobe hanging the other way around. You’ll soon see how much of your wardrobe isn’t worn! 
  7. Apply the same strategies to items on hallway hooks and shoe storage units. Check for damage, style, fit, fashion, etc and, after pockets have been emptied, either hang up, wash and pack away until next season, or donate to a charity or rough sleeper/homeless outreach group. 
  8. Remember shoes and hats, scarves, gloves and bags too – you’ll be surprised how much you’ll swap over! 

Are you ready for your seasonal wardrobe changeover? You may need to dedicate a few hours to focus on this task if you prefer to do it all in one go and avoid an unfinished pile of stuff in your room. If time is short, try sorting category by category, over a period of days and give yourself a deadline to help complete your project in good time. 

Amanda Manson is an organising expert with 12+ years of experience at Orderly Office and Home. She offers practical, no-nonsense support for busy people struggling to sort, organise or move the stuff in, around and out of their space.  

If you would like to experience the benefit of a seasonal changeover but think you’ll struggle to manage it on your own, consider seeking help from a family member, friend or a decluttering expert