Professional Development Team

Our professional development team provide training and support to help members start and grow their business.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers since 2004 and openly thank our past and present members for their voluntary contributions in making APDO a membership body to be proud of.

We would like to introduce our current stars of the show:

  • Lisa Pantling

    APDO Board Members
  • Trainer

    Lisa has been running her company Clutter Free Living Ltd in Bedfordshire since 2016. She is a registered Social Worker and specialises in working with people with hoarding behaviour, ADHD and mental and physical health challenges.

    She loves being part of the training team, working with her Professional Organising colleagues to spread the word about our amazing industry and support new members into the field of Professional Decluttering and Organising. Lisa is also the Membership Director for APDO and a volunteer with Cruse Bereavement Care.

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  • Lynda Wylie

    APDO Board Members
  • Trainer

    Lynda has been decluttering and organising professionally since 2012 when she started Tidy Rooms.

    She has 10 years experience as a Charity Volunteer Manager and Community Fundraiser, as well as Corporate experience in Facilities Management and PA roles.

    Lynda has a degree in Information Management and is a logical thinker who loves to get alongside people to support them with their practical and emotional needs.

    She loves being part of the APDO community and enjoys staying connected through blogging and facilitating the local APDO network.

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  • Kate Ibbotson

    APDO Board Members
  • Trainer

    Kate has recently joined APDO’s training team whilst continuing in her role as Head of Social Media. Kate has a background of delivering group work and has trained, and continues to mentor, her team of franchisees for her business – A Tidy Mind. She’s been in the industry since 2015 and has volunteered for APDO since 2016.

    She has always had a strong passion for training, believing that it’s good to continue to develop knowledge and keep learning. Alongside running her businesses and being a mum, she is also training to be a psychotherapist.

    Kate loves the decluttering and organising industry, is keen to share what she has learnt and is exited to be part of others’ journeys.

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  • 2020 Conference

    APDO Board Members
  • The Future's Organised

    Pulling off a successful annual conference takes real teamwork and this year the conference committee supporting Sammy Ryan as Head of Conference are:

    * Marketing & PR:

    * Venue & Socials:

    * Speaker Liaison:

    * Delegate Bookings:

    * Conference Admin:

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