Professional Development Team

Our professional development team provide training and support to help members start and grow their business.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers since 2004 and openly thank our past and present members for their voluntary contributions in making APDO a membership body to be proud of.

We would like to introduce our current stars of the show:

  • Juliet Landau-Pope

    APDO Board Members
  • Head of Live Training

    Based in London, Juliet Landau-Pope devises and leads APDO training events and is one of APDO's Ask an Expert panel. She is an Oxford-educated lecturer, certified coach, professional organiser and study skills consultant. Juliet started her business, JLP Coach in 2008; she combines life coaching, decluttering and training for adults and teenagers to develop time management and organising skills. Juliet has written two books – Being More Productive (Sept 2017) and Clearing Your Clutter (March 2018). She’s a regular speaker at community and corporate events and often appears in the media.

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  • Sarah Bickers

    APDO Board Members
  • Trainer

    Previously a physiotherapist working with disability, and with an interest in ADHD, Sarah is well equipped to help clients overcome obstacles to being organised. She started Free Your Space in 2014 and enjoys working over a longer period to achieve real change.
    Starting small by volunteering for APDO with a couple of small projects, she then completed 2 years as head of membership- helping things run smoothly as possible for members.
    Sarah loves encouraging new small business owners, so is excited to be part of APDO’s training team and is one of APDO's Ask an Expert panel.

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  • Ingrid Jansen

    APDO Board Members
  • Trainer

    A Dutch mum of two, Ingrid started her company Organise Your House in February 2010. Not only does she have over 15 years' experience of working in facilities and office management, she's also managed housekeeping in large five-star hotels and worked as a lettings agent.

    She loves tackling all rooms in her clients' homes but specialises in wardrobes, kitchens and paperwork.

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  • 2020 Conference

    APDO Board Members
  • The Future's Organised

    Pulling off a successful annual conference takes real teamwork and this year the conference committee supporting Sammy Ryan as Head of Conference are:

    * Marketing & PR:

    * Venue & Socials:

    * Speaker Liaison:

    * Delegate Bookings:

    * Conference Admin:

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