The APDO Board

The Board is responsible for the management and direction of the Association, meeting virtually or in person on a regular basis and working closely together.

APDO Board members and its support team all give their time voluntarily alongside running their own professional organising businesses.

  • Katherine Blackler

    APDO Board Members
  • President

    Katherine joined the wonderful world of Professional Organising from a corporate background including Events Management, Personal and Executive Assistant roles, Office Management and Project Management.

    Her experience in the corporate world made her the perfect choice to liaise with our corporate and charity partners as our Head of partnership and campaigns, a role she took on in October 2016.

    On 1st April 2018 she stepped up as APDO President and is excited to see where the Association goes! Katherine is one of APDO's Ask an Expert panel.

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  • Sammy Ryan

    APDO Board Members
  • Head of Conference Management

    With a career in Human Resources, Advertising, Film and Television, Training and IT, it is easy to see how Sammy has become fascinated with developing processes which make people’s lives run smoothly.

    She loves using a common-sense approach to help her clients solve their ‘flapsi-hapsi’ situations, minimise all that tedious admin and discover how technology can really work for them.

    Six years ago she discovered Professional Organising – an exciting next step in her career. Then she found APDO – a group of like-minded and supportive people equally excited about our profession. She thoroughly enjoys being part of the team.

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  • Lisa Pantling

    APDO Board Members
  • Head of Membership

    Lisa has been volunteering with APDO since December 2016, phoning new members to welcome them to APDO and supporting them to make sure they meet our compliance requirements, as well as running local events for her neighbouring APDO members.

    Based on the contact she’s had with new members to-date, she is focussing on member retention to identify how APDO can best help our current and future members.

    Alongside her decluttering and organising business, Lisa is registered as an independent social worker and works with clients with hoarding disorder. She has previous experience in health and social care as well as adult safeguarding, bringing a additional insights to the APDO board.

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  • Hannah Young

    APDO Board Members
  • Head of Campaigns & Partnerships

    Loving working and living in Yorkshire, Hannah enjoys the variety of running her own Professional Organising business alongside other voluntary roles.

    Proud to be an APDO member, she would love everyone in the country to know about APDO. With that motive, and with a penchant for writing, Hannah is well placed to boost APDO's profile and the professional organising industry through our collaborative partnerships.

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  • Katherine Harris

    APDO Board Members
  • Head of IT

    Katherine entered the world of professional decluttering after having her first child. Having always believed that decluttering and organising were a vital part of creating a relaxing home environment, or running a successful business, she decided to change career and created A Fresh Start.

    Having previously been a teacher, Katherine hopes she will be able to continue helping people improve their lives through the wonderful world of decluttering and organising.

    Katherine's interest in IT and technology led her to apply for the role of Head of IT on the APDO Board and she enjoys being part of the team.

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  • Liz Aitken

    APDO Board Members
  • Head of Projects

    Before setting up Carefully Sorted with business partner Julia Durand, Liz had a rich and varied career across many sectors: industrial relations, the music industry, arts education, charitable fundraising and, latterly, financial services and risk.

    She has corporate experience managing people and projects as well as monitoring compliance and governance of individuals and departments.

    With this professional background, her steadfast resolve coupled with a great sense of humour, the Board felt she was perfectly placed to keep the APDO Board on track with its ambitious deliverables for 2019 and beyond.

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  • Julie Stevens

    APDO Board Members
  • Head of Professional Development

    Julie is a degree-qualified Interior Designer and certified House Doctor Consultant who runs design masterclasses and mentoring programmes alongside her professional organising and decluttering business.

    She has taught Interior Design to BTec HND students and during 2019 will be launching a range of online courses and programmes.

    As a life-long learner herself, she is passionate about making learning and development accessible to all. She jumped at the chance to help shape APDO’s professional development offerings and we were delighted to catch her!

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  • Ingrid Jansen

    APDO Board Members
  • Immediate Past President

    A Dutch mum of two, Ingrid started her company Organise Your House in February 2010. Not only does she have over 15 years' experience of working in facilities and office management, she's also managed housekeeping in large five-star hotels and worked as a lettings agent.

    She loves tackling all rooms in her clients' homes but specialises in wardrobes, kitchens and paperwork.

    Ingrid has been a member of the Board since 2012, and was involved in organising the annual conference for several years.

    She was the President from March 2014 and became the first Immediate Past President from 1 April 2018. Ingrid is one of APDO's Ask an Expert panel.

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