National Organising Week – 5-11 November 2018

During National Organising Week (NOW), Britain’s organising experts set out to motivate you to clear the clutter and APDO members are on a mission to help you get the most out of your space, time, and belongings!

The vision for NOW is:

  • to inspire change for anyone who needs it
  • to make life simpler
  • to create a calmer home
  • to manage time better
  • to assist in finding professional help and support if required.

How do APDO members help?

Sometimes, the task of tackling the clutter on your own can feel overwhelming, and that’s when an expert can help clear a path through the mess and the stress it brings to a calmer life and home.

Working with you, a professional organiser can suggest ways of making the most of the space you have. You’ll be able to find everything you need whenever you need it. And you’ll find it easier to control your clutter in the future.

APDO members have helped thousands of people all over the country save time and money by sorting out their stuff. Find inspiration and motivation via the guest blogs on the News & Media page or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus

NOW is a chance for over 250 APDO members to plan activities, events, promotions and special offers to help anyone get organised and cut out the clutter.

The aim is that NOW will inspire people to think about the clutter they are living with and take action to do something about it. Of course, APDO members provide one to one support all year round so if this is what you need, find a local organiser here.

Why NOW?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter, you’re not alone. APDO was set up 2004 in response to a growing nationwide interest in clutter-free living. But the tide of clutter has grown and today organising experts are busier than ever before.

The idea for NOW came about in 2014 whilst celebrating 10 years since APDO was founded – members wanted to raise awareness about the benefits of being organised. When clutter is clogging up your home it creates a mental muddle too. Clear it out and you’ll not only have more physical space but you’ll lift an emotional load off your mind at the same time – plus you’ll save yourself all that time you currently spend looking for things you can’t find!

November was selected in order to enable you to declutter and organise before the end of the year and to begin the new one with more focus and clarity.

National Organising Week

What we did during NOW 2017

APDO members were buzzing with positivity about NOW 2017 and the week was a wholehearted success. APDO would like to extend thanks to everyone who participated or supported NOW in large or small ways.Now Later Image

National Organising Week Logo

Donate a Day To Charity

Donate a Day is a brilliant initiative started in 2016. It gives APDO members the opportunity to volunteer their time and expertise to a worthy charity. Three official charity days took place during NOW 2017.

  • On Monday 6 November 2017, a London group worked with clothing charity, Traid, helping them organise their Wood Green stockroom to save the staff and volunteers valuable time when they regularly re-stock the shop floor.

“It was fantastic to work together with a bunch of like-minded organisers to showcase our skills and make a difference for Traid” said Tracy (Support to Sort) who connected with this charity to make this event happen.


  • On Thursday 9 November 2017, a Yorkshire group worked with St Michael’s Hospice organising and streamlining one of their charity shops.

“I immediately thought of my local charity Saint Michael’s Hospice, because of the valuable work that they do to support people affected by terminal illness. It was amazing to make a positive difference in people’s lives, with our expertise and enthusiasm”  said Fiona who arranged this partnership.

APDO team

  • Also on 9 November, our Scottish group helped refugee action charity MOOL review their store organisation at their Dumfries depot.“I loved working with Kate (Better Organised) to give the amazing charity, MOOL a massive outpouring of love from us as organisers!” said Mel (More Organised) who connected with this charity.



APDO members wrote a different daily guest blog for the APDO website throughout NOW, providing motivation and inspiration on all aspects of organising.

Members also be wrote a number of blogs for partnership organisations.

blog blogging

Online Discussions

During NOW there was an open discussion about decluttering and organising on Twitter.

"Having a designated National Organising Week gave me the impetus I needed to undertake some tasks I'd been procrastinating over - like sorting the cupboard under the stairs!"

"Thank you APDO for organising the NOW Twitter Chat. It was such a buzz to chat with professional organisers and get their hints and tips"

"I want to say a big thank you to your wonderful organisation from everyone at Dress for Success for donating five of your brilliant members to lend a hand in our stockroom!"


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