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Do you have ADHD? Are you feeling so overwhelmed with 'stuff' you don't know where to start? Would you love to have your paperwork organised in a way that works for you? Would you like to manage your 'to do' list better so you work more efficiently?

Whatever brought you here, I'd love to help you simplify your life. I work collaboratively with you to help you find a way forward that really works for you. As a naturally 'messy' person, I understand where you are now, and would never judge you. Having had three children in five years, I love working with families, and have particular expertise working with people with ADHD to help them improve their organisational skills.

Please note, I am currently living in Norway so rarely do in-home sessions nowadays. However I am still working full-time (online) with ADHD clients using Zoom or phone, supporting them with their ADHD challenges.

Email me today to find out more about how I can help you. Services include:

  • ADHD coaching, including Access to Work funded
  • Supporting those with ADHD or long term difficulties with getting organised
  • Creating a bespoke home filing system
  • Remote consultations to help you organise your home, work and life


Public Speaking
  • I was on the APDO training team for 3 years delivering Start A Professional Organising Business. I love working with small groups and individuals offering training and one-on-one mentoring calls.
  • I offer mentoring calls on setting up your business, with a particular focus on developing your own style and becoming more confident about the services you offer.
  • I regularly run the ADHD for Organisers course, now delivered to over 100 APDO organisers.
  • I offer mentoring calls to other professional organisers to help them support their ADHD clients.
  • I also deliver workshops for people living or working with people with ADHD (e.g. parents, therapists, coaches, businesses etc)

Life Coaching

Being told what to do rarely works in the long term, instead, a coach provides a supportive (and at times, challenging) space where you can think - about areas where you want to see change. Lasting change comes from a change in perspective, as you let go of beliefs which have held you back. Having someone really listen to us can be powerful stuff - some of my most significant decisions have come during coaching sessions...

I now work mainly as an ADHD coach and have over 250 coaching sessions with clients under my belt. Many of my ADHD clients have their sessions fully funded by Access to Work

Coaching is largely unregulated but I take education and training seriously and so am proud to be an ICF credentialed coach (ACC) and an ICF member (ICF is the largest coaching global community of trained coaches).

I also have an accredited Level 2 diploma in transformative coaching with Animas.


I have over 50 years of lived experience of ADHD (I and two of my children have ADHD). I have worked with clients with ADHD since starting my business in 2014. The majority of my clients have a diagnosis of ADHD or have long term disorganisation. Specialising in ADHD and now trained as a coach I also hold a Level 2 certificate in ADHD from the ICD.


In a bid to increase the number of organisers confident in providing ADHD-friendly support, I have also developed ADHD for Organisers, now delivered to over 100 APDO organisers. 

If you have ADHD I can work collaboratively together with you to find creative solutions which fit you and are easier to maintain, so you feel more on top of both life and your home.

Business/work productivity

I offer single or repeat sessions to help you focus better within a work context. We review your to do lists, how you prioritise, and reduce any overwhelm during your work day. Since 2014 I have supported clients to organise both their homes and their to do lists/ work. I have also been commissioned by businesses to provide productivity support to staff.

Coaching sessions are offered online only. (Many of my ADHD clients have their sessions fully funded by Access to Work)

I found Sarah’s coaching sessions useful and supportive, both in the context of managing life as a neurodivergent adult and in my work coaching other neurodivergent individuals... I found Sarah’s coaching sessions useful and supportive, both in the context of managing life as a neurodivergent adult and in my work coaching other neurodivergent individuals... She was able to suggest some relevant practical tools and offer some models as a framework through which we could think about my issues and define my next actions. (Fellow APDO member)
Sarah was brilliant... and non-judgemental. I have ADHD and Sarah was knowledgeable about how this may pose challenges with keeping things tidy and proposed practical solutions.
Sarah was extremely sensitive and we managed to achieve a huge amount together. Her pointers on useful items to buy, the sensitivities surrounding possessions and how to go forward were invaluable.