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Need to... Organise, Declutter, Downsize, or Move Home?

These events are stressful for anyone. No need to feel overwhelmed and panicky - I'm Liza, the founding member of The Organising Studio, and I love supporting people through the upheaval of moving, decluttering, or finding more comfortable systems in their homes.

The Organising Studio offers a professional organising and decluttering service to clients all across East Kent.

If you don't know where to start. Feel overwhelmed and need a helping hand to get it sorted - our personalised service is here to help you step-by-step. Let us guide & help you stay motivated to create spaces and organising systems that unlock your time to get on with what you were created to be!

We are a small unique team of organisers and you should find your perfect match with us.

We will:

- treat your situation with respect and your property with a gentle hand.

- partner with you at the pace that you are comfortable with.

- keep you in mind: taking care to meet your goals & find solutions that suit YOU.

Our services include:

- downsizing and managing home moves; including unpacking on the flip side.

- decluttering toys, storage spaces, kitchens, wardrobes or any home area.

- practical and simple paperwork systems.

- photo organising.

- organising home operations to run more smoothly.

I look forward to chatting with you to understand what your organising and decluttering needs might be - and then get started!  Do contact me via email or mobile phone and share a little about what is on your mind, who you are, and where you live.

Virtual/Online Sessions are very effective and an option for you to consider.  Email me if you would like to book a session.



Public Speaking

I am comfortable and enjoy communicating with larger groups, having led workshops of 25+ participants and speaking to audiences of 100+.  Most of my experience is in the corporate setting but more recently I have enjoyed speaking to local community groups on all things organising.


I attended 2 courses to equip myself to understand the varying characteristics and challenges that my clients with ADHD face. Most recently I completed the ADHD For Organisers Certificate with Sarah Bickers. 

I admire the courage it takes to navigate life's seasons with ADHD/ADD  - and enjoy partnering with you to find new creative solutions and strategies - or resurrect effective ones from the past - that could help you live well in your current life stage.

Personal/family productivity

Getting a home organised is a process and can be overwhelming.  I particularly enjoy helping families get a handle on all the nuts and bolts that make for a happy and functional home.  NOT perfect; but functional.  We can also tackle the papers that are floating around in the kitchen, car, bedroom, dining room, mailbox, etc. and nail them down for action.  I support busy mums, and retired people.  My experience as a mum of 3 home-educated children, running a foundation phase primary school and a small business; I have many ideas and lots of understanding to help you out. 

Move Management

I have worked as a Senior Move Partner with The Senior Move Partnership, moved internationally, and helped my mum downsize to retired living.  In this time I have learned a thing or two about moving home. I can prepare furniture layout and storage plans; help you get organised before the house move and help you unpack and set up your new home. You can also consider my help to declutter, organise and stage your home to set it up  for a house sale.

Business/work productivity

I can help you put strategies and systems in place to balance your personal & professional life.  As a former Human Resources Manager and Consultant, I have over 15 years of corporate experience to effectively work with you to:

- stop feeling overwhelmed and tired

- get ahead of feeling so far behind you think you can never catch up

- find the way back to the joy of spending time with your family and friends.

I can confidently say I have met few people with such a penchant for organisation, systems &process as Liza, whatever the challenge she always rises to it showing great personal strength of character.
I believe we not only reached our objectives but even exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Liza, not just for the work she does but for the person she is!
Excellent and invaluable service. An efficient, knowledgeable & organised team who took a lot off our hands ensuring a seamless move. Happy to recommend this service to anybody.