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Hi there! I’m Karen, I'm a productivity coach and truly believe that planning can be the key to living a happier life. There's no 'one-size-fits-all' solution though, so I work with clients to find whatever strategies work best for them and to provide support along the way. 

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Like you have too much to do and too little time? 

Please get in touch and I’d love to see if I can help...




I have experience working with clients with ADHD and have also completed the 'ADHD for Organisers' course with Sarah Bickers. I appreciate that having ADHD or ADHD traits can bring specific challenges, especially with time management and organisation – and that systems which work for others might not always be successful (this is totally understandable and just means that it's not the right system or might need tweaking). My approach is always to support clients with exploring how they work best and finding whatever solutions will work for them in the long-term.

Personal/family productivity

I really love thinking about productivity – but it's probably not a word that we associate so much with our personal/family lives. For me though, it isn't about 'efficiency' - I see it as a way for us all to get the most out of life, i.e. making sure that we have enough time for the things that we WANT to do, as well as feeling that we're keeping on top of life admin and other necessary tasks. Exactly what that means and what methods might work will be different for everyone – but I love exploring this with clients to work out how planning/systems can help to make their lives happier.

Business/work productivity

Working for over 20 years as a PA/other organising roles in a variety of businesses has given me lots of experience around maximising productivity in the workplace – but I'm also a 'productivity geek' in my spare time and really love reading books/articles, listening to podcasts/talks and experimenting with various planning systems. Some people might see productivity & planning as boring, but personally I see it as a key way for us all to get the most out of life! I'm also part of the organising committee for the APDO Productivity Special Interest Group and really enjoy speaking to fellow organisers about all the ways that we can help our clients feel more productive and happier with their lives.

Life Coaching

I have completed several short coaching courses, including a Coaching Skills Foundation course with Barefoot Coaching. I am currently working towards a fully accredited coaching qualification.

"The sessions really helped me during a particularly overwhelming time, introducing me to tools/strategies to manage my time & priorities - as well as an open space for me to sound things out" (Laura)
"These sessions have already helped me to make positive changes to my life. I feel more content and happy with areas that felt direction-less. I would recommend Karen in a heartbeat" (Kieren)
"I found your objective standpoint the most beneficial. You also offered resources and suggested techniques/strategies for time management & reflection which I will continue to find useful" (Hayley)