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Hello! I am the White in Sampson & White Organising, based in Bristol. My business partner Sarah (Sampson) and I work as a team and love nothing more than to help people declutter and organise their spaces.

What I bring to the table:

- as a qualified counsellor, I bring empathy, unconditional positive regard, and no judgement. I am well prepared for any emotions that this process may bring up for you. While it can be overwhelming, that's what we're here for.

- experience installing and maintaining systems to keep children's play areas organised and easier to tidy up, from years of experience as a childminder's assistant.

- I love a story, and so often our clients have stories linked to items you wouldn't even expect!

What Sarah brings to the table:

- over a decade of experience in coaching and building a rapport with people of all ages, stages and backgrounds through teaching.

- experience working with, as well as and living alongside, people with conditions such as M.E./C.F.S., Fybromyagia, and C.R.P.S.

- a passion for houseplants. She can offer help and advice towards maintaining plants in your home, alongside styling advice of where they could bring life and best thrive.

- a meticulous attention to detail (when time allows).

If you're in Bristol or surrounding areas and are overwhelmed with clutter or disorganisation in your home, you don't need to live with it any longer. We will help bring order to any chaos and will get you back on top of your home.

For more information or to book us, please do get in touch, or check out our website (on the right).

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME so although I love organising I didn't have the physical or cognitive energy to complete the job by myself. Anna and Sarah were brilliant in the results we achieved and also their empathy with my illness. I can't thank them enough for helping me create calm rooms and cupboards after the decorator had been. Knowing my belongings are stored, organised and labelled brings relief and declutters both my house and my mind. Thanks to you both! Also Sarah is brilliant at house plant care so get her to have a look!!
Anna and Sarah did an amazing job sorting out the mess in my playroom and living room. They asked useful questions to help me decide if I needed to keep something and to understand how we use the space in order to best put everything back in the best place. Really happy with the new layout! I knew I needed to have a big clear out, but never had the time or head space to tackle it by myself. Anna and Sarah led the whole process and made me feel so comfortable. Would definitely recommend!
Sampson & White are the decluttering angels. Anna and Sarah have transformed my study into an effective workspace, helping me to remove years of accumulated stuff & in the short space of a few hours. They are focussed, efficient and well worth the cost, which is reasonable. Highly recommended.