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Does getting rid of clutter fill you with anxiety?

Does getting rid of clutter fill you with anxiety? What if I need what I throw away sometime later on? But look at the mess. Why am I faced with this? Can’t somebody else organise my house?

Hoarding is often inaccurately defined. Certainly, hoarding disorder is a serious psychological condition which must be treated empathetically, skilfully and sensitively. It has been said however, that hoarding on some level is a common affliction experienced by some 3 million Brits. ‘Somebody please organise my house’ might be a reasonable call. That’s what we do at APDO. But there are a number of ways listed here how you can start dealing with things yourself:

Allocate yourself a 20-minute cleaning session every day. Pick up clothes that otherwise will build into a pile you might tackle later but never finish clearing.

Self-analyse. Are you holding onto this item because it makes you happy or because you think you should keep it? If it’s the latter, consider throw it in the bin. Feel uplifted by the purge!

If you really struggle with the thought of making the wrong decision chucking stuff, try making a pile of items you ‘might need’ and hide it somewhere for a month. If you find you don’t need them even once in that time, they’re likely not essential enough to keep. Get rid. When you buy a new item, chuck the old one.

We all invest physical objects with memories. But disposing of some of those sentimental items like your parents’ table mats doesn’t mean you’re forgetting your parents.

If you haven’t read that stack of old magazines, you probably never will. And if you’ve already read them, chances are you’ll never read them again. As an alternative, consider keeping a folder of your favourite magazine clippings instead.

Edit the wardrobe. One method to try is at the start of a new season, turn all the hangers so they face right. After you wear an item, turn its hanger around to face left. Then, at the end of the season, keep only the clothes on the hangers pointing left.

An easy one this. Medicine comes with expiry dates. Check the dates and chuck away all the superannuated stuff.

Take advantage of the digital era. Scan all those receipts and bills you need to keep for your tax return and any receipts for items you’ve bought in case you need to return them.

Feel a lot better about dispensing with stuff by selling online items you may have stashed in the loft or the basement but are perfectly serviceable. Or give stuff to charity.

If you’d like help, someone skilled and experienced to organise your house, do give us a call.


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