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Digital decluttering

When we think of decluttering, we usually think of clearing out our physical environment. Edinburgh-based Beata Mielcarek of Making Space with Beata explains how decluttering can also apply to our digital presence, and how to get started with a digital spring clear out.

How digital decluttering can help us keep to our resolutions:

Can you believe that we are three months into the new year already? This is often the time when we may be tempted to give up on our resolutions, and some old habits and routines may be creeping back into our lives.

Everything around us pushes us into the old ways of living, and the less visible routines are usually the ones leading us astray. For example, if you resolved to save money, but are still subscribed to every major retailer’s newsletter or magazine, chances are you will end up buying things you don’t need. If you resolved to read more, but still subscribe to notifications for multiple TV and Netflix shows and record them weekly, you’re less likely to pick up a book.

These are just some of the subtle changes we usually forget to make, but which could help us with our goals. To reverse the “It’s too hard, I give up” trend, I have compiled a list of other ideas to help you with your resolutions. It’s my personal New Year’s electronic decluttering list.

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The electronic decluttering list:


If you need any help organising your paperwork, or more guidance for your own digital declutter, you can find a local professional organiser here.


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