• Wendy Hanes, CPO, CPO-CD & Angela Esnouf


  • Biography

    Wendy Hanes, CPO, CPO-CD, and Angela Esnouf are veterans of the organising industry. As well as supporting hundreds of clients with complex needs, their individual businesses have evolved to include innovative revenue streams. Angela trains and mentors up-and-coming professional organisers. Wendy collaborates with related professionals in the demanding field of hoarding. Now they bring their talents together, distilling 30 years of experience and wisdom to form their successful joint venture, Hoarding Home Solutions.

    Their Mission is to provide practical, affordable, easily accessible, online training that empowers people to work effectively with confidence and compassion to resolve a hoarding situation.

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  • The Secrets to Thriving (not just Surviving) in the Organising Industry

    As veterans of the organising industry, Wendy and Angela have been fortunate to not just survive, but to thrive in business. They want to share the secrets to their longevity with their peers.

    They'll share case studies and an inside peak at the evolution of their businesses and help delegates create their own plan for a thriving business.

    In this session, delegates will create a personalised plan that aligns the head, the heart and the bank balance.
    • Keep engaged by extending their skills through professional development and working with a
    greater variety of clients and more challenging clients.
    • Keep well by understanding the importance of a balanced workload, good self-care and avoiding
    • Keep the cash flowing by smoothing the seasonal peaks and troughs, and recognising the
    opportunities beyond hands-on work.

    (Thursday PM Main Session)

    Solutions for Hoarding: Four Alternatives to Rapid Clean-Out

    Hoarding is not a problem fixed quickly, or in isolation. Media often focus on extreme decluttering as being the solution to a hoarding problem. Most people are not aware that there are alternative approaches that may better suit their needs. We’ll look at four alternative approaches and five questions to help clarify the client’s goal.

    After attending this session, delegates will be able to...
    • Identify whether extreme clutter is the result of hoarding or some other factor
    • Clarify client goals in order to bring the best solution
    • Understand the pros and cons of the rapid clean out in a hoarding situation
    • Understand effective techniques which can help clients who are not in a state of readiness
    • Implement the Graded Clean technique, currently considered best practice for long term results
    • Implement the GRIP technique, useful for helping clients who have been diagnosed with OCD
    and severe anxiety disorders.
    • Engage appropriate services to deliver safe, effective progress
    • Recognise common pitfalls that even experienced professional organizers fall into, and how to
    avoid them

    (Wednesday AM Breakout Session)


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