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    Wendy Hanes, CPO, CPO-CD, and Angela Esnouf are veterans of the organising industry. As well as supporting hundreds of clients with complex needs, their individual businesses have evolved to include innovative revenue streams. Angela trains and mentors up-and-coming professional organisers. Wendy collaborates with related professionals in the demanding field of hoarding. Now they bring their talents together, distilling 30 years of experience and wisdom to form their successful joint venture, Hoarding Home Solutions.

    Their Mission is to provide practical, affordable, easily accessible, online training that empowers people to work effectively with confidence and compassion to resolve a hoarding situation.

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  • Managing Hoarding in COVID Times

    Session Outline:
    Many people think that resolving a hoarding situation starts with rolling up your sleeves and getting rid of the accumulated clutter. In reality, the most important work is done before any discarding action takes place.

    Anxiety is a core component of hoarding disorder and we are currently living in very anxiety producing times.

    Even if you can't work with your clients face to face, you can still take steps to address hoarding and squalor by:

    • Building a respectful, trusting relationship.
    • Identifying risks and encouraging targeted activities to improve safety.
    • Providing avenues to seek support and stay motivated and accountable.

    We will draw on our experience of working hand in hand with the government housing dept throughout one of the world's harshest COVID lockdowns.

    Key Benefits:
    In this workshop, delegates will learn practical strategies for keeping their hoarding clients engaged, motivated, safe and on track while maintaining safe practice.


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