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  • Biography

    After a decade of working as a physiotherapist then caring for her three children, Sarah Bickers set up Free Your Space in 2014.

    From the start Sarah focussed on clients with ADHD (having personal family experience). She has immersed herself in the ADHD world, researching the subject, networking with other professionals and applying learning to her work.

    Sarah’s work is now predominently in ADHD. She helps clients organise their homes and be more productive at work, as an informed and supportive ally.

    Sarah delivers workshops, talks to ADHD support groups, and has recently launched a training programme: ADHD for Organisers.

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  • What all professional organisers need to know about ADHD

    If you’ve been in business for more than a year, the chances are you’ve already come across clients with ADHD (whether you/ they know it or not!). Your standard solutions may not work with these clients, leading to frustration for both you and your client. Learning more about ADHD enables you to support these often rewarding – but challenging - clients better. In turn this helps you become a more client-focussed organiser.

    The workshop will introduce you to the world of ADHD in an interactive and informal setting. You’ll complete a quiz, hear some common myths busted, hear case studies and get the chance to ask some of your questions in this introduction to ADHD training.

    After attending this session delegates will:
    • · Know a few of the basic statistics about ADHD
    • · Understand why a client with ADHD has extra challenges and why your standard ‘solutions’ might not work
    • · Understand why a client with ADHD might be your best client
    • · Know more about how to support clients with ADHD better
    • · Understand the importance of clear boundaries with clients with ADHD
    • · Know how to access further training

    (Wednesday PM Breakout Session)


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