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    Nathalie Bureau is passionate about life and organisation! Specializing in time management and productivity since 2008, she is the owner of Nathalie Bureau – Productivity Expert | Speaker | Coach, a business serving other businesses.

    With a bachelor's degree in teaching and being an accredited trainer, she travels her country to give inspiring lectures and offer sought-after training. Author of a French guidebook on organizing published throughout Canada, France, Switzerland, and Belgium, she has also written numerous articles for different magazines and newspapers. She has been collaborating for radio shows and TV programs, and currently airs her own organising TV show.

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  • Workshop 1 – Networking Efficiently

    As professional organisers, we have to build that network around us if we want people to know us and consequently, do business with us. You've done some networking, but think it has never paid off? Was that networking you did efficient? We will be talking about 6 different aspects of networking in that workshop: You will learn to develop the "Ultimate Networking Tool Kit", you will find out why, how, where and with whom to network efficiently. We will also talk about how to increase the value of your business card and what to do with the business cards gathered at networking events or virtually. You will discover how to become a valuable member of a networking group. Some ideas on how to follow up with people you've met will be given to you, and finally, you will hear suggestions on how to overcome shyness in the context of networking. These are the six aspects we will be focusing on and I really hope you’ll join me in this very dynamic and down-to-earth workshop. And in the meantime, continue networking!

    What key benefits will the session bring to the delegates?:

    Delegates will learn how to network efficiently so that their business increases and their network enlarges considerably.

    Suitable for: New Businesses

    Workshop 2 – Time is NOT Money

    You were always told that time is money, right? What if it was more than just that? How can you live your life in such a way that time becomes an ally? How can you appreciate each moment of your life so that it gains back its true value? Through those 9 revealed and shared ways, you will discover that it is also possible for you to live your life to the fullest.

    What key benefits will the session bring to the delegates?:

    Delegates will learn how to take time to live their life to the fullest instead of being a bystander in their own life; becoming therefore happier people.

    Suitable for: All businesses

    ***ADDED BONUS: Nathalie is offering to anyone who attends her workshops during conference the chance to win a free hour of coaching with her.***


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