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    Michelle has been hooked on digital marketing since before MySpace. Her job is to coach small businesses through the complex world of digital marketing tools, tactics, and strategies. Her passion is to help clients see the joy and beauty in digital marketing as a tool to reach their audience and grow their business.

    Michelle has worked with clients ranging from sole proprietor consultants through Fortune 500 companies across industries. This breadth of experience allows her to bring the latest in digital marketing strategies and tactics to her clients.

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  • Re-organize Your Marketing: Use Digital Tools To Reach Your Ideal Client

    Session Outline:
    During this presentation Michelle will talk through how you can use the digital tools you have to attract and nurture your ideal clients. She will talk through each tool in your digital tool box and review what it is, how you can use it, and give you some ideas on what you can do now to move your business forward.

    Be prepared to walk away with action items you can tackle right away. The move to digital is truly an opportunity to step out, be seen, and make a bigger impact using your unique brilliance.

    During this session you will learn how to get strategic about social media, how to approach your website, when to create content, what SEO can do for you, and how it all gets tracked and more.

    Key Benefits:
    • What digital marketing tools you have at your fingertips and when to use each one
    • How to use digital marketing tools to engage with your ideal customer
    • How to focus on what really matters and what will move your business forward


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