• Margaret Ginger


  • Biography

    Margaret is a senior supervisor and Registered trainer with Cruse Bereavement Care (Cambridge with Fenland and Uttlesford)

    Margaret started volunteering for Cruse in 1992 and has significant experience supporting both Adults and Children and Young People and has for many years facilitated a monthly group for people bereaved by suicide. During the pandemic support has been provided by telephone and Zoom but it is envisaged that face to face support, groups and sessions in schools will recommence in the not-too-distant future.

    In addition to being a supervisor and trainer, Margaret is a member of the Area management committee which oversees the co-ordination and allocation of resources, monitors the effectiveness of the service, plans and co-ordinates training, reviews and evaluates services and resolves complaints. Margaret is a remarkably busy professional who enjoys all aspects of belonging to Cruse.

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  • Bereavement is normal: Awareness of the journey through grief and how to support someone after bereavement.

    Session Outline
    Death is a fact of life. We will all be bereaved several times in our lifetime. Grief is universal, yet it affects every individual in a unique and different way each time.

    Key Benefits
    In this session, we will think about how to better understand the feelings, thoughts and consequences when a special person dies. This will help us to support bereaved people in the most appropriate way and help manage the inevitable changes in their life.

    After the talk, Margaret will be joined for a panel discussion with Sammy Ryan (APDO member) and John Merivale (APDO member client) to further explore the role of the Professional Organiser in situations of bereavement.

    Cruse Bereavement Care is our Charity Partner for 2021 Conference.

    Followed by a panel discussion to further explore the role of the Professional Organiser in situations of bereavement.

    Margaret will be joined by Sammy Ryan (APDO member) and John Merivale (APDO member client)

    Sammy Ryan
    Over the past 10 years Sammy has seen first-hand the impact that disordered affairs can have when someone dies, emotionally, financially and environmentally. She has supported partners and families left behind, guiding them through the different steps they face including untangling complex intestate cases. She helps families proactively put in place their estate plan and is often called upon to help organise client affairs of local accountant and legal firms. “A positive outcome of COVID is many people feel more comfortable having these important conversations and making plans”. Sammy believes putting your affairs in order is a true act of love.

    Sammy runs Strictly Organised Solutions Ltd and is the past APDO Head of Conference (2017-2020).

    John Merivale
    John contacted a Professional Organiser in 2016 looking for support to clear his family home of 30 years. His wife Jocelyn had died of cancer in September 2014. As his grown up children had already started families of their own, he felt it was time to downsize. As well as preparing his home for estate agents and viewings, John needed to address his possessions in every area of his home - from paperwork and clothing, to furniture and books. This included Jocelyn's artist studio which was full of precious paintings and memories. In August 2017, John moved into his new home and is about to publish a book dedicated to Jocelyn's art.


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