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    After retiring from the corporate world in March 2020, Jonathan launched his own business, Room To Improve. His passion is for decluttering and organising and he loves to engage with people from all walks of life. His ambition is to help others achieve their own tidy space and happy mind, freeing them to enjoy the important things in life like spending time with family, enjoying sport or taking a walk in the countryside.

    Jonathan has spent the last 40 years working for a Global Sports Brand, latterly as Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. His responsibilities included overseeing Diversity and Inclusion programmes for the UK business and implementing many projects. He also spent 3 years in Tokyo working for adidas Japan, during which time he gained a valuable insight into different cultures and ways of working.

    Jonathan firmly believes in celebrating uniqueness. We all have a voice, we are all different, but the important thing is to respect each other through embracing different perspectives, ideas and cultures.

    In June 2012, after undergoing hip-replacement surgery, I was honoured to be chosen as a Torch Bearer for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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  • Jonathan's Workshop: "I am diverse and inclusive, aren't I?"

    Session Outline:
    Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion with a specific focus on Personal Branding and Unconscious Bias.

    Key Benefits:
    Whether you feel you are inclusive in your business or haven't really thought about it, the session will get you questioning how you present yourself, who you want to present yourself to and why. It will be the start of your Diversity and Inclusion journey.


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