More details on conference sessions


Cathi Nelson: Photo-organising – tapping into this new niche (USA)

“In the future, we will photograph everything and look at nothing.” (Om Malik).  We are inundated with photos and it is a common problem we face with clients.  Cathi Nelson is renowned for her expertise in this area and her workshop is designed to help us develop photo-organising within our businesses.  Participants will recognise the challenges their clients face and learn the solutions of how to add photo-organising to their business.  Areas will include:

  • a lifetime of printed photos in shoe boxes, drawers and deteriorating photo albums
  • memory cards, flash drives and computers clogged with digital images


Kate Ibbotson, APDO head of PR and marketing & Juliet Landau-Pope, APDO head of training: How to use Twitter as a marketing tool (UK)

If you were in on APDO’s recent live Twitter session you will know how Kate and Juliet brilliantly use Twitter as part of their business marketing.  This is not a workshop about opening accounts or finding your way around but rather it will outline key ways to develop a marketing strategy using Twitter.  It focuses on:

  • How to raise awareness via Twitter of services that you offer
  • How to build professional relationships and network effectively via Twitter
  • How to deliver great content at the right time to engage your target audience
  • How to manage your time on Twitter and make it fun!


Jamie Hewitt: Top 10 simple tips to make your website stand out (UK)

Ever wondered what your website says about your business?  Well this session provides you with a brilliant opportunity to gain some advice and guidance to develop it further.  Jamie is inviting any attendees who want to find out how effective their website is to submit it to him for a review.  He will then pick a selection to illustrate some common problems.  The session will be discussion-based and there will be a helpful ‘handy-tip’ handout to take away.


Dr Zemirah Moffatt: Meaningful objects (UK)

This is a fascinating session which Zemirah has delivered to audiences of all age groups and backgrounds including academics and museum and art exhibition curators.  “Workshop attendees are invited to bring along an object that means something to them and tells its story.  We all listen and I facilitate a discussion. It encourages empathy, hones listening skills and is a wonderful ‘leveller’.  It is great for anyone interested in facilitation and/or working with groups.”


Helené Segura – How to succeed in your organizing or productivity consulting business (USA)

Is your business ready for the next step-up?  Soak up knowledge, tips and tricks for kicking your business into a higher gear:

  • Marketing techniques
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Time-saving tools and apps
  • Magic words to book your perfect client


Antony Charman: The hidden treasure in your client’s home (UK)

Can you tell the hidden treasure from the clutter in your client’s homes?  It’s not always easy to work out which is which.

Using a mix of true-life examples, facts and statistics, Antony and Vintage Cash Cow ( gives you the knowledge you need to spot the hidden gems.

And to put your new-found knowledge to the test, you are invited to join in their version of the “Antiques Roadshow”.  Vintage Cash Cow will be bringing along samples of what you might find in a client’s home and challenge you to guess the value.

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