The Three M’s: Money mindset, motivation and marketing to double your profits.

Increased revenues and profits and reduced stress.

Delegates will hear stories and metaphors and do exercises to engage them emotionally and help their brains to learn and retain.

I will show them why them and so many small business owners struggle to market effectively. It’s not their fault. They’ve often been taught principles that don’t work for small businesses. Instead, I will teach them principles that do work for small businesses and I will share practical, actionable strategies to apply these principles. We will dive into the three money mindsets behind undercharging and overdelivering and do two exercises that will be both engaging and effective to help them shift their thinking and how they price their services. A lot of solo and small businesses got into business to do something they love. They’ve not been trained in how to run a business and I found my marketing qualification, business degree and years of experience working in a marketing agency didn’t help me much either until I learned differently. After this they will never look at their businesses the same way again.

Una Doyle

Una Doyle

Creative Flow

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