From Solo to CEO

Delegates will get their life back, reduce stress and increase profits.

They will hear stories and metaphors and do exercises to engage them emotionally and help their brains to learn and retain.

Delegates will discover the three leadership mindsets they need to adopt in order to shift from being “self employed” to a CEO business owner.

I will show them what’s required to grow a high performing team, touching on the principles of flow, sharing personality profiling and how to effectively delegate the right kind of task or activity to the right person.

And how to do so in ways that mean they’re not constantly scrambling to find them something to do, or don’t have the time to delegate and still end up doing it all themselves.

They will learn what to look for to reduce the chance of a bad hire and how to quickly spot and rectify any hires that aren’t working.

They will be able to build a trusted team that allows them to focus on where they add the most value (and typically have the most fun!) reduce their working hours and build a business asset that they can one day sell.



Una Doyle

Una Doyle

Creative Flow

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