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Clear out the clutter and boost your wellbeing – an APDO blog

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Being organised is not only aesthetically pleasing and helps you score brownie points with your family, your friends and your boss. It is also better for your health than being disorganised and living in chaos. It improves several different aspects of your overall health.

In 2006, the Telegraph reported, “Hoarder Killed by Collapsing Clutter”. A 59-year old woman in Washington, USA suffocated under a collapsed pile of clutter in her own home. It took 10 hours to find her body.

This is, of course, a very extreme case. But have you ever wondered what it can do to your health to be disorganised?

Firstly, being disorganised greatly increases stress levels resulting in high blood pressure and other stress-related ailments such as heart disease.

You cannot clean easily because everything is stacked with clutter resulting in an increase in house dust and bacteria which can worsen asthma and allergies.

Being extremely disorganised could even lead to depression since you see no way out and are constantly overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this, in turn, leads to even more disorganisation and clutter – a vicious cycle.

So, is there a way out of disorganisation? Can you learn to “be organised”? Absolutely!

The key is to start with one small area, whether that is a corner of a room or some disorganised habit so you don’t get overwhelmed. Once that is sorted, move onto the next area, and so on until you have achieved a state of your home, home office or schedule that you are happy with.

As the clutter leaves your physical space you will be amazed at the increased sense of clarity and freedom. You will know what you have and where it is stored, relieving stress. You will no longer need to frantically search for items you know you have somewhere.

Surfaces will be easy to wipe down making cleaning quick and simple, reducing dust, mould and bacteria in your home and your home office.

As you are taking small steps you realise that you have control over this aspect of your life which in turn will give you more self-confidence to tackle other projects that might have previously seemed insurmountable.

Keeping up is easier than trying to catch up, so it should be easier to stay organised as time goes by.

You can find advice and inspiration on sorting out specific areas in previous blog posts – just browse the different categories listed below the Archives section on the right of this page. Plenty of tips can be found by searching online.

What’s more, you don’t have to undertake your organising journey alone. Hiring a professional organiser is a good idea, especially in the beginning. While working with the client’s needs and priorities, they can give expert advice and are usually very hands on. They have seen it all before, are non-judgmental and don’t get overwhelmed.

They will either start you off until you are happy to go it alone or be there throughout the journey, depending on your needs. It’s completely up to you. Many clients find that working with a professional organiser can be enjoyable as well as a therapeutic process.


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