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5 Ways Clutter Is Ruining Your Life

Whilst there are individuals who may think that a cluttered space is what makes them more creative, a pile of litter strewn around your home or working area can make you stressed out. Most professional organisers believe that physical clutter creates emotional clutter as well, giving you a sense of not feeling comfortable and emotionally free in your own home. Read on to discover 5 ways how clutter is ruining your life and convince you why you should start organising now.

Clutter increases stress

Just like how multitasking can overload your brain, clutter can overload and cloud your senses, causing you to be stressed out and anxious.

Clutter holds you back

According to feng shui principles, clutter is a way of clinging to the past and represents trapped energy. This is why it is highly believed that you release negative emotions, generate positive energy and invite opportunities into your life when you clear clutter away.

Clutter steals your focus

Clutter competes for your attention and wears down your ability to focus as it limits your brain’s ability to process information and make you feel distracted. If you want to do your best work, make it a habit to clear away your clutter before you start.

Clutter costs you time and money

Since you probably spend a considerable amount of time searching for a lot of things that are covered in clutter and you could have spent the time doing something else. As a further result, losing bills under a pile of clutter can make you pay for late penalties.

Clutter contributes to procrastination

In some ways, clutter is defined as delayed decisions and delayed actions. If you have a cluttered home or workspace, you’re most likely procrastinating with other things as well as it sets something down with the idea of dealing with it later. You’ll find out that if you start organising now, you can make better, faster decisions moving forward.
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