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5 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas – Never Lose Anything Again!

Chrissy Halton is a professional organiser and has been running her business since 2005 and she loves nothing more than helping people make their homes places that they love to be and that work for their lives. Here she shares her tips on how to transform your kitchen storage woes.

Kitchens are notoriously hard to keep organised because there is so much stuff being used so often that nothing tends to stay put for very long. Without having the right storage set up things can get messy very quickly.

Here are my top 5 ideas to give you inspiration when organising your own kitchen. I am sure there will be something new for you to try, and hope that it makes a real difference.


  1. Think vertically!

    I always like to make sure that all space is used as much as possible, especially when you are short of storage.  The perfect example of this is to add extra shelving and/or hooks to areas that would otherwise be wasted. Other ways to use this idea is to add extra shelving and hooks to the inside of cupboards, especially where the shelves are far apart and therefore the height isn’t being maximised.

  2. Add free standing furniture to the room

    We are not always fortunate with the kitchen that we have in our home, and usually we inherit it from the previous owners.

    As such, it’s always a good idea to look at some free standing options, as this can add your own character, extra storage space, and even extra work surface if needed.

    My top 3 options for using free standing storage are to have a larder style unit, a dresser, and a butchers block/table that can be used for an island unit.

  3. Get clever storage integrated into your design

    Storage built into your kitchen is essential and if you have the budget to add in some fitted storage (or are thinking of updating your kitchen this year), then it’s definitely worth a look.

  4. Think outside the box – literally!

    If you have less budget to work with, then you can get really creative and use items you wouldn’t necessarily think of when organising your kitchen. One idea might be to add a small crate/box to your work surface really easily, giving extra shelf space. The use of hooks both on the side and inside the crate gives even more storage so that no area is unused.

  5. Lazy susans are the best kept secret!

    I am in love with using lazy susans (revolving turntable storage devices for items such as condiments or cleaning products) as they can provide accessibility to difficult to reach areas.  They are especially good for corner units/shelves, high shelves where you can’t see the back very well, or for ensuring taller units make the most of the height as well.

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