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10 Ultimate Declutter Tips


Gemma is a Coach, Declutter Expert, Property Expert, Blogger, Author and Columnist. She has a BSc (Hons) in Estate Management, is a Chartered Surveyor and an Accredited Practitioner Life Coach with the IIC&M as well as being an APDO member. Gemma started Prosperity Kitchen in 2016 which houses her three companies: Decluttering, Coaching and Property and operates internationally although she is based in Newbury, Berkshire. In this blog she shares some sound advice on decluttering and organising.

It’s been proven that outer calm and tranquility promotes inner calm and tranquility. Remember the last time you had a good clear out, how did it make you feel? I bet amazing. This is why keeping your home neat and tidy and free from clutter is so important. To help you on your way I’ve compiled my 10 Ultimate Declutter Tips.

Good Luck!

  1. Declutter Party. Perhaps don’t go too overboard with the booze on this one, but ask your friends and family over to help you and do one big tidy up over a weekend and then maintain. The results will be more rewarding and if organised, you will be amazed as to how much you can do.
  2. A Fresh Pair of Eyes is the best trick when trying to tidy up or freshen up your house. Everyone has a friend or family member who has that “knack” for stylish decorating. Ask them to help you. They will be flattered and you will be surprised how someone else’s touch can transform your home.
  3. Be Ruthless. If you don’t use or like something, get rid of it. End of. If it’s expensive then sell on or give to a worthy new home.
  4. Multiple Item Review. It’s easy to collect 30 mugs, 50 dinner plates, 25 torches (like my house) but unless you have a household of 50 you don’t need all this. Keep the good stuff and what you actually need and give away the rest.
  5. Clothes are the Biggest Culprit for cluttering your home, so I recommend if you buy something new, give away something old. Simple. And remember if you don’t wear something for 6 months, give it away.
  6. Store Away clothes, shoes, hats and coats that are out of season.
  7. Clever Storage Solutions can make all the difference: double hang in the wardrobe, shelf risers, tension rods, drawer dividers, shelves.
  8. Create a Filing System (everyone loves stationary) and deal with paperwork straight away. Either Action, File, Destroy or Recycle. If you invest the energy into getting your paperwork into order (this can take time but it’s worth it) and then create a filing system that is satisfying to use then you are more likely to maintain it!
  9. Charity Shop or Tip? One of my pet hates are those people who dump all of their stuff on a charity shop’s door step (literally) PLEASE DON’T DO THAT! Don’t pass the buck of sorting out your rubbish to the kind volunteers. Treat the Charity Shop with respect and only donate items that are worth donating and will have value to someone else.
  10. It’s Exercise! Lastly, remember a vigorous declutter for 2 hours can burn over 500 kcals. So really throw yourself into it and enjoy the process.

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