May 20th is World Organising Day.


World Organising Day is a global initiative founded by the  International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations (IFPOA)  to celebrate the work of organising and productivity professionals.

This designated day aims to increase public awareness of the benefits of getting organised. It highlights the work of organising and productivity professionals who enrich the personal and professional lives of their clients.

It also recognises the accomplishments of individuals and organisations in their efforts to become more organised and productive.

World Organising Day

World Organising Day is brought to you by

International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations.



"I get a strange burst of energy as the clocks change and want to embrace the onset of spring! Sorting my home out gives that new lease of life!"

"There's that feeling of freedom when you cast off the winter clothes and bring the new season's ones out"

"I want to say a big thank you to your wonderful organisation from everyone at Dress for Success for donating five of your brilliant members to lend a hand in our stockroom!"

World Organising Day FAQ

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