Operations Team

Our Operations Team deal with the day to day running of APDO as well as tackling all those important tasks that keep our association running.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers since 2004 and openly thank our past and present members for their voluntary contributions in making APDO a membership body to be proud of.

We would like to introduce our current stars of the show:

  • Jo Whalley

    APDO Board Members
  • Diversity Champion

    Jo founded Tidy4Time, following a series of life changing events in 2020 where her decluttering and organisational skills were put to the test. These events led to Jo setting up her service to be an ally to others, that she wished she had, had at the time.

    The majority of Jo’s career to date has been spent in administrative roles, where she has built up a wealth of experience supporting and organising others.

    As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Jo has always been passionate about diversity and inclusion and hopes that one day we get to live in a world where everyone can be their authentic self.

    At her previous organisation, Jo co-founded and chaired the LGBTQ+ network and was also instrumental in the formation of the wider diversity and inclusion network.

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  • Karen Eyre-White

    APDO Board Members
  • Head of Strategic Planning

    Karen Eyre-White is the founder of Go Do, a time management business which helps busy, ambitious small business owners in London to get more done. Through hands-on organising help with their inbox, workspace and projects, and productivity coaching to put them back in control of their time, Go Do helps brilliant small business owners find a way of working that works for them.
    Karen also manages APDO’s Twitter account and aims to use the platform to raise the profile of professional organising, APDO, and individual APDO members.

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  • Noel Guilford

    APDO Board Members
  • Accountant

    Noel is a straight-talking chartered accountant, business coach and author. After a career with a 'big-4' accounting firm Noel set up Guilford Accounting in 2002 to work with business owners and membership associations that want to grow their businesses and become super-successful.

    Globe logo www.guilfordaccounting.co.uk

  • Lucy Howarth

    APDO Board Members
  • Administration Team

    Lucy has an extensive background within business management, customer service and administration. She assists with the day to day operational support for the board and ensures that our members received the best experience possible by aiding with membership queries and correspondence efficiently.

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  • Samantha Evans

    APDO Board Members
  • Administration Team

    Sam began her career in Project Management for a Creative Branding Company before moving into Marketing and Sales Support. Her belief in providing the highest levels of Customer Service means she’s perfectly placed to help our Members with enquiries and assist the APDO team with Admin support.

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  • Lisa Wildgust

    APDO Board Members
  • Finance

    Lisa has spent most of her career working as a Project Manager in the Financial Sector, particularly within the Customer Servicing areas of finance.

    Her knowledge of finance and understanding the importance of high levels of customer service means she is able to ensure she meets all the APDO financial obligations whilst making sure both member and board financial requirements are completed in a timely manner and to a high standard.

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