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Note to parents: Your grown-up children don’t want your clutter!

Louise Tregenza runs her business Home….Sorted covering Wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside and North Wales. She has a candid message to share with parents….

Recently, I have been working with quite a few clients who are downsizing their homes. Their children have ‘flown the nest’ and now it’s time to move onto a new chapter. While decluttering and organising, I started to identify a common issue, keeping ‘stuff’ for their kids.

Anything from small items like photographs and books to larger items including sofas, chairs and dining tables. Even an old Victorian three piece bedroom set, stuffed inside a small garage!

A few days later, I remembered an article by American Home and Lifestyle Author, Marni Jameson, in her book ‘Downsizing the Family Home -What to Save, What to Let Go’ (Sterling Publishing 2016) Marni firmly states,

“Your kids don’t want your stuff….!”

Don’t take it personally, they still love you, they just don’t want your stuff! They know you are very generous, paid good money for items and some are part of your family history but … they just don’t like/want”

So, what do you pass on to your kids and what do you to let go?”

Here’s advice from Marni:

There is a fine line between bestow and burden. They don’t need your old furniture to hold you in their heart.

My mum was a great antique collector while I was growing up. She has passed down a few pieces of furniture which I love and do have a family history. However, my Mum has said the following when trying to pass ‘stuff’ onto me…

“I paid good money for this…”

“When I’m gone…”

“You do like this, you do, you told me”

“When you were little, you love this…”


Mmmm  I’m going to have to take some of Marni’s advice and say no!

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