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Hello! I'm Craig, the proud owner of A Tidy Mind - London. Embarking on your decluttering journey is an admirable step, and I understand it can often feel daunting. If you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious, rest assured you're in capable hands. My expertise lies in making the process manageable and stress-free by breaking down even the largest projects into manageable steps. No matter how cluttered your space or mind might feel, I'm here to guide you towards a calmer, more organised life.

I pride myself on being highly approachable. Whether you prefer to communicate via email, text/WhatsApp, or a phone call, I'm here to listen and respond in the way that suits you best. My passion and proven expertise in creating organized, functional spaces that not only look good but also feel right, are at your disposal. My goal is to transform your space into a sanctuary that not only serves your needs but also promotes wellbeing and efficiency.

With a deep understanding and empathy for my clients' needs, I dedicate time to listen and understand your unique situation from the very beginning. It's not just about achieving a certain level of organisation; it's about fostering sustainable habits and a mindset that supports ongoing order and peace. As a qualified coach, I utilise my skills to offer personal coaching that extends beyond physical decluttering to include addressing and improving habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you.

Services Offered:

Home and office decluttering and organisation (kitchens, wardrobes, lofts, etc.)

Efficient management of paperwork, filing systems, and digital clutter

Personal coaching focused on decluttering negative habits that impact your surroundings

Assistance with moving house, including home staging, packing, unpacking, and organising

General Personal Assistance, Virtual Assistance, or Life Administration support

Support through transitions, such as post-divorce or bereavement decluttering

Creation and management of inventories

Exclusive Benefits for Clients:

Lifetime FREE access to a comprehensive range of online organisational planners and checklists.

A commitment to supporting charities, with efforts to donate to a variety of local, national & International projects.

Credentials and Experience:

Trained in Anger & Stress Management Coaching (CPD Qualification) and hold a CPD Life Coaching Diploma.

Extensive training through the central 'A Tidy Mind' franchisee programme, covering all aspects of professional organizing/decluttering, emotional support, and mental health.

Over 8 years of management experience and a strong background in customer service, operations, and administration.

Specialised experience in assisting families with pets, and co-founder of an animal rescue.

Consultation and Rates:

Offering a FREE initial Virtual consultation to ensure a perfect fit before booking any in-home assessments or sessions.

Standard rate: £60 per hour, with package options reducing the hourly rates. Visit our website for more details, FAQs, our blog, and testimonials.

Whether you're in the UK or anywhere in the world, I'm ready to assist you, either in person or virtually. Your first step to a tidier mind and space starts with reaching out. I'm excited to embark on this journey with you. Contact me today for a friendly chat or send an email. Let's make your space work for you!


Move Management

We can help with your house moves whether its just unpacking or the whole process with project management to take the stress out of your hands.

Digital/computer organisation

Help with Organising your digital space whether it is your phone or computer, emails or photos.

Business/work productivity

We help Individuals be more productive by helping with everyday task management, planning and admin work, as well as businesses to organise stockrooms and general office declutter or office organising, paperwork systems and archiving. Please get in touch for more information.


We help many clients with ADHD find solutions that are tailored to them, making it easier to maintain a streamlined and organised home.

Craig's completely non judgemental, creative, upbeat & a laid back, charming guy. Always a pleasure to be around. I have never seen anyone work harder, both physically & mentally.
Craig is absolutely fantastic! Gentle, understanding & empathetic. Incredibly professional. He's a ray of sunshine & enabled us to declutter and rearrange our home in a practical & beautiful way
Can't recommend A Tidy Mind London highly enough. I'd be thrilled to use them again for any organising project. They are truly top notch!