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Marie Kondo and Spring clearing

In recent years, Marie Kondo and her bestselling book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” have brought decluttering and clearing out into the spotlight. APDO member Clara Moore, of Glasgow professional organising company Joy of Space, is one of the UK’s first qualified Marie Kondo Consultants. In this blog post for Spring Clearing Week, she tells us all about the “KonMari” method.

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Decluttering using the Marie Kondo method

Are you a tidy person? Do you have tidy habits? Did anyone ever teach you how to be like this?

I know I wasn’t taught this as a child. Through persistence and trial and error, I worked to develop these skills for myself, but it wasn’t until I came across the KonMari method of life tidying that it all fell into place.

I was so deeply inspired by her book and her method, that I immediately undertook what Marie Kondo calls a “life tidying festival”. From then on it has been so much easier to spring clean – something I enjoy doing every few months rather than just once a year.

Marie Kondo developed her method on:

  • six basic rules of tidying
  • the act of one big life tidying festival
  • the act of confronting yourself, your habits and your nature.

The Marie Kondo method

Marie Kondo firmly purports that “life truly begins only after you have put your house in order”, which is why she has devoted most of her life to tidying, not only through her core business of working one-to-one with clients, but also through her books, her network of consultants, and her #organizetheworld hashtag. It all comes together to fulfil her heartfelt wish to help as many people as possible to tidy up, once and for all.

The 6 rules of tidying:

Marie Kondo method is guided by 6 basic rules:

1) Commit yourself to the decluttering process
2) Imagine your ideal lifestyle
3) Finish discarding first before organising
4) Tidy by category, not by location
5) Follow the right order of category
6) Ask yourself if items spark joy

So how to do this:

Develop the skill to know yourself and know what sparks joy for you. By doing this you choose to have around you only the things that spark joy in you, either because you feel deeply connected to them or because they fulfil a necessary function in your life. Through discarding all the things that do not fall into this category you can start to attain your ideal lifestyle.

The Marie Kondo method suggests that you work through your belongings in the following order:
1) Clothes
2) Books
3) Paperwork
4) Komono (everything else)
5) Sentimental items

organised clothes in drawer Marie Kondo

Once you have discarded all the items that do not spark joy or feel relevant to you, the next step is to choose where to store each item and then to return it to it’s home after each use.  By doing this you cut down on the fatigue of continually searching for items and having to make multiple decisions. For example, “Where are my house/car keys?” “They are in the dish where I decided to store them and where I put them back after every single use”.

This approach works on two levels: by changing your way of thinking and by developing your tidying skills – thus changing your mindset and transforming your life.

Taking loving care of your belongings naturally results in a deeper connection with them, and a feeling of taking good care of yourself.

Spring is a perfect time to open yourself to this, as the days get lighter and brighter let yourself be inspired to declutter and let your home breathe as you make space for your current wishes, dreams and passions. Keep what is relevant to you now. Breathe new life into your home, create space. Let go, with love, the unfinished books, unloved clothes, unfinished creative projects – take joy in donating these items and passing them on to new homes.

For further information on the process of the KonMari method, you can find details in her books, in KonMari media and on my website

In summary, springtime and Spring Clearing Week is the perfect time to make up your mind to do something about any clutter, dirt and grime that has gathered in your home and your life. How much stuff is enough for you? What brings you joy? By confronting your home and belongings, and how you currently relate to them, one by one, you can give yourself the space to feel the truly spring-like pleasure of an amazing transformation, and the relief that you have finally spring cleaned your habits.


If you feel that you would like to wave a magic wand and have all your spring clearing already done, and tidy habits in place, remember that there are lots of lovely professional organisers out there who would love to help you achieve this wish and who love sharing their tidying and decluttering skills. You can find a professional organiser near you at this link.


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