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Do You Want Bolognese With That? 7 Tips For Decluttering Electrical Spaghetti

What’s your decluttering nemesis? The thing that makes you groan at the thought of tackling it? All clutter can be overwhelming but some things stress us out more than others.


And how about…cables, chargers, that funny lead with the yellow and red jacks on the end that came with the camera… or was it the DVD player? And what does it DO anyway?

Have you got a drawer that looks like the picture at the beginning of this article? Are there various wires, cables and obsolete chargers all over your home? If you answered “Yes!”, you’re not alone.

Here are seven tips for decluttering electrical cables If you don’t know what a cable’s for, put any brand names or serial numbers printed on it into a search engine. You might be able to find out.
1) Precious metals can be recovered from electrical cables. Check with your local authority for recycling options.

2) You’ll probably find cables that are specific to devices you no longer even own – you can safely declutter them!

3) Freezer bags are great for storing like with like. Make a note of the type of cable on the label.

4) Consider storing cables with the gadget they’re for.

5) Use a white permanent marker to label cables that come with each new gadget.

6) Put unidentified cables in a box, write the date on it and review them again in a year’s time.

7) Don’t let your life be strangled by wires and cables. Disentangle your electrical spaghetti!

Check out my video for further detail on these tips and more.

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