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  • Biography

    Valentina is one of the Directors of JSP Consortium Ltd, an accounting and project management solutions company that provides consultancy services to SMEs and large organisations across private, public and charity sectors.

    Prior to setting up her company with her husband, she worked across various middle and senior management roles as a qualified accountant focused on processes, assurance and various accounting function including business cases.

    When she’s not running, she gives her spare time to charities, working mainly as a treasurer, and currently live in the Medway Town of Chatham with her husband and two teenage children.

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  • Workshop – Turning your passion into a profitable business

    The session will be given information on how to cost a project and service provided to clients. It will break down the various costs that each person needs to consider before pricing their jobs so they can move from providing their service as a hobby/passion to one that is sustainable (profit making). The session will show how to start incrementally and move from a loss making business to a profitable one through mixing clientele, bidding for jobs with local authorities or charities and having a sustainable pricing model that works well and allows flexibility of notional price increases.

    What key benefits will the session bring to the delegates?:

    My session will allow delegates to understand how to:

    1. Pay themselves first – your time is money and your expertise is gold.

    2. Take into account all business costs e.g. subscription, accountant fees etc.

    3. Think future – plan for current and long-term goals.

    4. Get long-term contracts.

    5. Mix clientele – sector, individual etc.

    6. Keep focused – figures don’t lie so know your worth.

    Suitable for: All businesses


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