• Tilo Flache


  • Biography

    Tilo has assisted clients with their decluttering and organising needs since early 2015. Like so many, he came to this line of work almost by accident. Tilo’s background is as diverse as it gets, from translation through PA roles, accounting, IT, software training and project management (in 3 countries and in 4 languages) ... all useful tools to tackle the practical elements of decluttering and organising.

    Besides this set of practical tools, he’s often told by his clients that his calm demeanour helps them overcome emotional obstacles that stood in the way of sorting themselves out.

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  • Workshop – Defining goals using Guided Visualisation

    Clients often struggle with getting a clear picture of their decluttering or organising goals. Some have a short attention span, or may be affected by neurodiversity issues, which can make it hard to find out exactly what outcomes they expect from working with you.

    Guided Visualisation can be a useful tool to help your clients stay focused and communicate their expectations more clearly.

    What key benefits will the session bring to the delegates?:

    • help clients define their goals clearly and in detail

    • help you figure out a roadmap from the status quo toward the desired goal

    • understand the technique and how to apply it

    Suitable for: All businesses


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