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    Leslie Josel, an ADHD-student & parenting coach, is an award-winning entrepreneur, having founded Order Out of Chaos – a virtual company whose mission is to help parents guide their students to success in learning and in life.

    She's an award-winning author of 3 books, creator of the “Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management,” and an internationally acclaimed speaker. Leslie’s been named one of the top time management experts in the world by Global Gurus 5 years in a row. She continues to learn from her audiences, sharing her observations with readers of ADDitude Magazine in her weekly “Dear ADHD Family Coach” column.

    Panel Facilitator – Beyond The Shame

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  • Keynote – Creating Multiple Streams of Income

    Are you tired of earning money as a labour for hire? Would you like to earn money while you sleep? Or on weekends? Or on holiday? Would you like to diversify your company’s offerings so if another world-wide catastrophe hits your business is well prepared and protected to ride the storm?

    As an award-winning entrepreneur for over 16 years, I turned my local, sole-practitioner business into a multi-faceted (products, speaking, writing, consulting), global, virtual company. I’ve helped countless business owners create strong foundations for their businesses so that each new business silo integrates seamlessly to support and work together with the others.

    In this interactive workshop (0r keynote), I will teach YOU how to incorporate other avenues such as virtual coaching, affiliate marketing, writing, speaking, product development, brand collaboration and diversification of your client work and offerings into your brand and business. We’ll also cover how to monetize what you have already created so as not to reinvent the wheel. We’ll also explore the “power of the ask” and how to do it correctly, why you should “sell it before you develop it”, how to build community and buy-in to mitigate risk and so much more.

    What key benefits will the session bring to the delegates?:

    My firm belief is that this should be a required course for all professional organizers no matter how long they have been in the industry. If the pandemic has taught us anything, having all our eggs in one basket is simply not good business. It is essential as a business and brand, that we as a profession build our portfolios to include diverse offerings.

    Suitable for: All businesses


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