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  • Biography

    Room to Think began in 2013. Initially solely a professional organising practice, Caroline now offers training, coaching and mentoring, and is learning to become a meditation teacher.

    Fundamental to all Caroline's work is applying the evidence base of positive psychology and coaching psychology: paying attention to our own wellbeing, and that of our clients'.

    Caroline is first author of research into the association between clutter and wellbeing, published in the Journal of Environment Psychology. Intent on continuing focus into clutter research, she founded a UK clutter researchers group early in 2020.

    Her vision is for everyone to see home as a "platform for wellbeing", giving themselves permission to spend time and effort curating homes aligned with their self-identity.

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  • Caroline's Keynote: What IS the association between clutter & wellbeing?

    Session Outline:
    In summer 2019 hundreds of people began responding to a survey on clutter and wellbeing. They completed a series of carefully chosen, validated questionnaires, telling us about their ability to curate home, their clutter and their wellbeing.

    After months of statistical analysis, writing, reflecting, considering, collaborating and a rather long peer review process, the research was published in the Journal of Environment Psychology in January 2021.

    What does this mean, and how could this affect us, our clients and our industry?

    Key Benefits:
    Delegates will be able to:
    • Hear the story of the research in an accessible, light hearted manner
    • Describe wellbeing; what it is and why it’s important
    • Explain what happened in this research - and what didn't
    • Consider ways to apply the research in their work as POs

    Caroline's Workshop: Let's punctuate our day


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