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  • Biography

    After years of training, fundraising, organising and record-keeping in the voluntary sector, Caroline set up Room to Think in 2013. Initially just starting with professional organising, her practice has since expanded to offer positive psychology coaching and training.

    Caroline continues learning to be the best practitioner she can be. This learning is driven and informed by her study of positive psychology. Her MSc research topic is on clutter and wellbeing.

    Caroline is interested in language and process, believing in the power of paying attention to the mundane and trivial. Her favourite words are love, laughter, choice and self-compassion.

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  • What IS the association between clutter & wellbeing? And is that true?

    At this time of writing hundreds of people are responding to a survey on clutter and wellbeing. They’re completing a series of carefully chosen, validated questionnaires, telling us about their home, their clutter and how happy they are. By the time of Conference 2020 their responses will have been through some serious statistical analysis. The study will have been written up as an academic research article and marked as an MSc dissertation.

    Come and hear the story. How did this research come about in the first place? Why was it done like this? What do we already know about clutter and how do we define it? And what exactly is wellbeing anyway? What were the survey results? And what does that mean? And how does this impact on us as professional organisers?

    What could happen next?

    Delegates will be able to:
    • Summarise what research is, and explain this research methodology and conceptual framework
    • State the importance of home and be introduced to the construct of psychological home
    • Describe wellbeing; what it is and why it’s important
    • Critically appraise this piece of research and explain its results
    • Consider what claims can be made about the relationship between clutter and wellbeing
    • Refer to a list of academic articles mentioned in the presentation

    (Wednesday PM Main Session)

    Hearing our clients and asking them Great Questions

    This is a participative, collaborative workshop where brilliant mistakes and clarifying questions are encouraged and welcome.

    The workshop focuses on listening, responding and asking questions. It draws on tried and tested tools and techniques from psychology and coaching.

    You’ll be offered a few models and practices to try out with each other. We’ll make time to notice what’s happening and consider ways of dealing with arising mistakes, successes and challenges. We’ll also have some reflection time to consider ways you might apply elements of this learning when communicating with professional organising clients.

    Delegates will be able to:
    • Experience the power of delivering and receiving exquisite listening
    • Increase understanding of, and develop, communication skills
    • Consider ways of applying their learning in individual practice
    • Know where to go to find out more about the tools and methods introduced.

    (Thursday AM Breakout Session)


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