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  • Biography

    Alice Jennings is part geek, part business champion and wholehearted believer that running your business shouldn't make you miss out on (delete as appropriate) sleep / weekends with the family / nights out with friends / your sanity.

    She helps you get your business systems working hard so you don't have to and is so passionate about how systems can help she's written a book about them!

    When she's not sorting out systems she's a country girl with a small flock of rare breed sheep, a family and a dopey Labrador to keep her busy.

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  • Build a Balanced Business

    Session Outline:
    This session uses a wheel of life style assessment to allow participants to track the health of each of the 7 business areas identified. This also enables identification of areas where there may be some work to be done.

    A technology buffet is then offered which shares tips and tech to help to strengthen each of the 7 areas. This will include some software tools as well as old fashioned analogue tricks that can make a big difference to how you work.

    Participants will be invited to choose their no 1 action and email me to let me know what it is, I will then follow up with them to see if they have done it by their (self imposed) due date!

    Key Benefits:
    This session helps business owners to see the value of all the different areas of their business and to find the weak spots that need some attention now rather than waiting till something goes wrong and they are firefighting.

    Each participant is invited to make a mini plan of action and challenged to actually make a change rather than just thinking about it!


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