Clear for calm: My calm sleep-time Heaven


My bedroom is my sleep heaven. It is tranquil and organised, with everything in its place.   

Pastels dominate the colour palette; they bring a sense of calm.    

My chest of drawers, again in a pale grey, house everything from make-up to undies but there are no messy lipsticks or mascaras for me. All the make-up is stored in a clean Ikea make- up box which fits snuggly into the drawer.  Belts are neatly rolled in the bottom drawer, and sunglasses placed inside a neat basket. 

Jewellery is kept neat and tidy in a Stackers box on top of the dresser but there is no excess. 

My small white wardrobe houses exactly the clothes I love and wear. Nothing bobbled, over-washed or worn & no ill-fitting clothes. Everything fits perfectly. 

There are no wires or electricals in my bedroom, only an extension cord to house the plugs for delicate brushed metal bedside table lamps. My phone is left outside my bedroom.  

The warm white light is enough to read clearly but not too bright. I have just one book on my bedside table and once that is done, I move onto another. A lavender spray sits by my bed to spray onto my pillow. It’s a great way to induce a good night’s sleep. 

My bed linen is crisp and white, and my cushions throw out a splash of colour. Above my bed, an Angel print by local artist Sharon White, sits overlooking me as I sleep. It throws out a sense of peace.   

From time to time, I light a candle which gives the room a lovely fragrance. 

 As the evening draws to a close, I look forward to getting into bed. I really do love my bedroom that much. 


Elizabeth McPherson (The Lifestyle Concept)

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