7 Crucial Things To Do Every Evening To Make Your Morning Easier

Lesley Spellman is owner of The Clutter Fairy, operating around Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales.  She shares her top tips for a smooth start to the day.

Do your mornings run like clockwork, with everyone out the door on time? Or do they feel like a constant battle of you vs. the clock?

The secret to a more organised morning is definitely to start preparing the night before – so here are my top 10 tips on what you can do in the evening to make mornings run more smoothly – you can thank me later!

1 – Check your diary

You need to know what you’re doing the following day so you can plan what to wear, what time to get up, what you need to take with you – and also to see if there are any potential issues (double bookings etc…). When you check your diary the night before your subconscious works overnight to prepare you – so you can hit the ground running once your alarm goes off.

2 – Set your alarm

Work out what time you need to leave the house, and what you need to do before you leave. Working backwards to be able to see what time you need to wake up.
TIP – Give yourself some wiggle room as well in case things don’t go to plan!

3 – Work out what you’re wearing

Lay out everything (including underwear!) ready to grab and go. This saves valuable time. (especially if you find that you actually need something washed/ironed etc…)

4 – Pack your bag(s)

You’ll need to have the right things with you for the day ahead. If you’re going to the gym, pack workout clothes, if you’re doing errands then make sure you have a bag ready with everything you will need (things to post, items to return, shopping list, vouchers etc…). and don’t forget your handbag/wallet – this needs to have all the right things in as well.

5 – Sort out food and drink

If you can, prepare your breakfast and lunch for the following day the night before. Breakfast items can be laid out ready to go, and a packed lunch of salad/sandwich will stop you from spending too much on unhealthy options should you not have time to prepare something the following day.

6 – Put everything by the door

It’s easy to prepare the night before, and then forget to actually take things with you! – so I suggest putting things right by the front door so you literally have to fall over them to get out of the house in the morning. You are then much more likely to remember everything.

7 – Charge your phone

Let’s face it – you’ll always need your mobile with you, and there’s nothing more frustrating than picking it up when you are leaving the house only to find it’s got no battery left. Take the stress away by getting into the habit of putting it on charge when you go to bed.

If you can get all 7 of these into your evening (and they don’t have to take long) – you will have peace of mind that the morning will be a little less stressful. You will also have the added bonus of sleeping more peacefully as a result – so you will wake more refreshed and ready to get going.


Sound good? Why not start this evening…..?
Lesley’s brilliant tips can really make a difference to your mindset and ultimately what you achieve during your day.  But if the issues in your home run deeper and you are in need of support, The Clutter Fairy and the rest of our Professional Organisers are on hand to help.  Click here to Find an Organiser near you.

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