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What do progressional organisers offer

Before you call us in and say ‘Organise my house’, you might want to know the range of ways a professional organiser can help you as well as what we can do to unburden you of your clutter so you can focus on what’s important to you.

There are a lot of good reasons why you might consider using a professional organiser. We in the modern age often own far more possessions than our parents or grandparents ever had. People even put their stuff in storage, but the time driving to and fro to the storage space and the expense might be unnecessary.

APDO members are trained, skilled specialists who can help you create order in your space, so that you can go beyond simply saying ‘Go ahead organise my house’ to make long-term improvements and keep disorder at bay. It’s about getting an objective, experienced opinion to help you discover options you wouldn’t have known on your own. Decluttering is rarely as easy as just throwing things out or ditching anything you haven’t used.

The real skill is in redefining and organising the space as storage solutions, filing solutions, room layout and suggesting and implementing design ideas, emphasising the organisational aspect of the work as opposed to just the decluttering.

It’s a common misconception that only the wealthy employ professional organisers. In truth, we work for professionals and families, time-manage growing companies and small businesses that need to construct an efficient set of processes and systems, young parents dealing with a sudden influx of clutter, and a host of other time-related conundrums. Clients with severe health problems may in certain circumstances, get some funding from councils.

We look to getting to know you and your domestic habits and working with you to find longer term solutions. We endeavour to organise and compartmentalise your possessions in a way that works for you, a process that you can observe and in time implement for yourself. For instance, we might start by addressing a hoarding problem that particularly bothers you or one that is easier to cope with, to make an immediate and positive impact.

When you come to us and say ‘Organise my house’, we understand that people can get quite stressed by their situation or embarrassed that they’ve called someone in to help. But things are changing.

Ten years ago, people might have assumed you were rich if you had a personal trainer. Not so today. Professional organisers have been described as therapists, on hand when you need one to provide a better sense of wellbeing.

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